Colorado Guide Expected to Plead Guilty

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When hunting, the game animal should not be tortured. That is what was going on in the cases that Marvin Ellis was involved with. Ellis worked for a guide company out of Mack, Colorado and guided hunts in Utah and Colorado.

Ellis as well as other employees of the guide in at least two instances, used a leg snare trap on a mountain lion. Then kept the animal snared until the paying customer, an actual hunter could show up and "hunt" the animal. In one case an animal was shot by a guide, when trying to keep it in the area for a paying customer. These instances happened between December of 2007 through February 2010.

Ellis was brought up on charges for additional incidents as well, such as holding bobcats or mountain lions in cages, and then releasing them for "hunts." He also violated the Lacey Law Act, one mountain lion was killed in Utah, and then Ellis transported it back into Colorado.

Under Colorado and Utah laws, animals treed or trapped must be killed immediately or released. The use of leg-hold traps on public land is prohibited under Colorado law.

It is legal to hunt mountain lions in both states, as long as the hunter has a valid permit. Ellis and other guides, led the hunts and allowed their hunters to shoot without having the proper permits.

If convicted, Ellis faces up to five years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine. On Thursday, Ellis through his attorney, filed a “notice of disposition,” indicating an intention to plead guilty. From