Colorado House Passes Bill to End CBI Background Check for Gun Purchases

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Colorado House Bill 1048 squeaked by the house, and the chances it will pass the senate are not the best. This bill could potentially save the state millions of dollars, and with the current state of the economy that could mean a lot. House Bill 1048, sponsored by Rep. Mark Waller (R) would cancel the state background checks for those purchasing firearms.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigations background check is redundant and costly. The FBI background check should be sufficient, without requiring a state background check as well.

Opponents of the bill say that every measure to protect public safety is worth the costs. Where others say if someone is going to carry out violent measures towards the public they will get the means regardless.

If the bill passes it is expected to save the state, $1.5 million the first year, and continue to save millions of dollars for years after. The FBI background check may miss local arrests and restraining orders or ones that haven't been completely processed. From