Colorado Make My Day Better Bill Does Not Pass

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Colorado has a "Make My Day" law which protects homeowners legally if they need to use lethal force to protect themselves in the home. House Bill 1088, also referred to as the "make my day better" law, would have given business owners and employees the same protection. Allowing them to use whatever means they felt necessary if they felt threatened. It passed the Republican led house, but was shot down in the Democratic led Senate.

Some opposed said that it would open up lethal force for customers who may have a complaint that got out of control, but may not require lethal force. However this was the same opposition that was brought up for the make my day law in the 1980s and that law has been fine.

This bill/issue will probably be revisited again next year. Most states have some law in place where people are allowed to defend themselves at home or at work. Alaska is considering passing a law where people can defend themselves wherever they have a right to be, and Oklahoma is considering one where a person could defend themselves in a church. Wisconsin and North Carolina both have passed bills where business owners can defend themselves with lethal force if necessary. From