Kansas Town Considers Adding Coyote Bowhunt to Deer Management Program

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In 2004 Leavenworth, Kansas city council approved bowhunting for deer in certain areas to help manage the deer/human run-ins. Now on the ballot, to be voted on November 22nd, is a proposed ordinance to add coyotes to the bowhunt in town.

Some residents had contacted the commission with concerns about the coyotes. Those opposed say that the coyotes are not a threat or that domestic dogs may be mistaken for coyotes. Mayor Pro Tem Larry Dedeke supports the measure but does not believe that bowhunters would trade a deer for a coyote. Mayor Mark Preisinger says he supports hunting, but does not think the coyote ordinance should be added to the deer management. Preisinger, after talking to Kansas State University professors and Kansas secretary of parks and wildlife says there is not a need for this measure at this time. Commissioners are on the fence about it, but want to bring it back to vote on, especially after getting input from the public. From Leavenworthtimes.com.


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With coyote attacks withing

With coyote attacks withing the city limits becoming more and more common to me this sounds like a good idea.   Just let the bow hunters go in with bows and take care of them.  I have buddy that hunts them in the country parts of kansas and he kills alot every year so if they are that bad in the country they will eventually start getting into town more and more.  Take care of it know and be done with it before it become s a really huge problem.

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I've never heard of a city

I've never heard of a city allowing a bowhunting season for deer within city limits before.  I suppose under the right circumstances, this could be a pretty reasonable way to manage out of control "city" deer.  That they are even considering adding coyotes to this program shows they are proactively thinking about controlling wildlife problems without adding significant cost to the city budget.  

I wonder if those concerned about a dog getting shot have ever lost a dog, or any pet for that matter, to coyotes?

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With coyote attacks on the

With coyote attacks on the uprise in many parts of the country I can't see why anyone would oppose this as a new hunt in the area. The deer hunt is already an approved activity and the chance to dispose of a problem coyote in the area if one happened along would just be a bonus for everyone. I suppose there is always someone with some reason to complain or try and stop things but I think this hunt would be a good one.

Hopefully it does pass before the coyotes become a bigger problem than they are now.

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  Hmmmm.  This doesn't read


Hmmmm.  This doesn't read as if the right people are backing this measure to push it through.  I really don't think a hunter would "give up the opportunity to kill a deer in order to shoot a coyote."  The mayor is thinking that once you shoot a coyote you will not then see a deer to harvest.  Incorrect.

The other issue here is the thought that dogs would be mistaken as a coyote and accidentally killed.  As ended in this article with the leash law, if you keep your pet on a leash or otherwise controlled at all times then there is no possibility with the pet dog getting into the deer hunting areas.

Since the deer management hunt program only occurs for a definite season then the amount of coyotes possibly harvested would also be controlled.  The police records obviously do not reflect a coyote issue within the city but that does not take into account the encounters that may have not been reported by the general public who may not identify the animal correctly.

Should this not pass I would think that within a short couple of years and after many coyote pups are born and raised that this will return to the ballot for the residents of Leavenworth to vote on again - and maybe have its own coyote season.