Massachusetts Girl Bitten by Coyote

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Alex Cazmay, 9 years old, was playing with her friend Kelly Igoe. Kelly was riding her scooter and when she looked back, saw what she believed was a dog - then realized it was a coyote, and was right by Alex. The animal seemed to come out of nowhere, but was intent on Alex.

Then the animal started biting Alex."It bit me in the butt, then it bit me in the arm and then it bit me (on the hand) and then I had the sense to run inside,” Alex recalled with a half-laugh.

Kelly's mother Kathleen, could not believe it. She says it could've been a lot worse though. Alex was taken to the hospital where she received a tetanus shot, and the first of four rabies shots. She said the shots hurt more than the actual bites.

Alex's mother says Alex was very timid when she came home from the hospital, even around the family dog. Neighbors had not reported seeing a coyote recently. Police say there have been coyote reports on the rise though. From