Minnesota Seeks Aerial and Snowmobile Use in Hunting Coyotes

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A Minnesota house representative, Torrey Westrom would like to bring back a bit of the old days. He has heard from some hunters that really liked the old days, 60s and early 70s, when they were able to shoot wolves from helicopters. He has introduced a proposal that would allow the hunting of coyotes from helicopters and from stationary snowmobiles.

I want to bring back something that younger generations have never had the chance to experience,” said Westrom, from Elbow Lake.

Federal law prohibits aerial hunting, and has since the early 70s. However there is a loophole in this federal law that does allow aerial hunting when the animal is a threat to livestock, wildlife or crops. The coyote population has exploded in Minnesota, and they have become nuisance animals. Westrom is thinking this will be a "creative" way to bring more hunters into controlling the coyote population.

There is concern that it is unsafe for hunters though, and would leave injured, dying animals in the field. It is hard to hunt from the air, and it is also difficult to land and track the animal if it is injured and not killed properly. From The Star Tribune.