Montana's Oldest Operating Dude Ranch For Sale

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Ready to hang up your business shoes and neck tie? Get away from the city and the traffic? For sale is the Lazy K Bar Dude Ranch, an 8,500 acre property, that also comes complete with its own mountain - 11,214 ft Crazy Peak, located in Sweet Grass County, Montana. The price tag, $9 million which the current owner says is undervalued by about a third.

The current owners/operators are the third generation to own this family owned and operated dude ranch. Paul (76) Van Cleve, with his sister Carol (65) and Carol's daughter Kelly. Why would they sell of a piece of their family legacy; something they grew up with and loving, always putting first? They have gotten up there in age, and there are only the three of them left. There used to be 6 families living on the property, and now it is just the three of them. They could hire a manager, but know in their hearts that would not work well. Paul and Carol both say they would drive the manager crazy.

There are 30 log cabins and bunkhouses spread out on the property. Families have come to the ranch for years, where the Van Cleves watched their guest's children grow up. There have also been famous people, from actors to politicians that visit the ranch.

The land checkerboards within the Gallatin National Forest. The forest service and the Van Cleve family have been able to work well together, with open agreements and open land between the two, and a mutual public easement up the Big Timber Creek Trail. Those that want to climb Crazy Peak must have Van Cleve permission beforehand though, as they are the property owners. All this will be for the new owners. From


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