New Hampshire Teen Attacked by Coyote

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A Hopkinton teen was walking his dog Wednesday, when a coyote approached. The dog ran off, and the coyote attacked the teen boy. The boy tried to fend off the coyote, repeatedly punching the animal in the nose. Eventually the coyote did take off. The boy suffered scratches, and was treated as if the coyote was rabid.

A dog was attacked by a coyote earlier so it is assumed it is the same coyote, and that this coyote is rabid. It is commonplace to see coyotes day or night, as there are plenty in the area, but usually they are not aggressive towards humans. This is the first case in New Hampshire where a coyote attacked a person.

If a coyote displays any interest in a human – whether friendly or aggressive – that’s unusual, and that’s when you need to be on alert.” New Hampshire Fish and Game conservation officials along with Hopkinton police department are searching for the coyote. If an aggressive coyote is found, it will be put down and tested for rabies. If any Hopkinton residents see an aggressive coyote they are urged to call Fish and Game Law Enforcement dispatch at (603) 271-3361. From Union