New Oklahoma Mule Deer Record Set

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A 22-year old bow hunter, Chandler Henderson, has been certified by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation with a new statewide record mule deer that beat out the old record by more than 11 inches.

Henderson, who stalked the massive mule in Cimarron County last November, at first didn’t even think he had a record, but after sitting on his trophy for a week, decided to green-score the harvest and came up with a total high enough for the state to take a hard look at it. After waiting the standard 60-day drying period, ODWC biologist Weston Storer, in agreement with three Boone and Crocket certified scorers, came up with a total of 191 7/8 points making him the typical record.

This blew the previous record that stood since 2001, put in the record books by Curtis McBrien of 180 points, out of the water. Notably Henderson's muley is the only one of the top five deer taken in the state that was harvested with a bow, the others being taken by gun or muzzleloaders.

As reported by The Oklahoman, Henderson was out stalking with his wife Brooke when she tapped him on the shoulder and pointed out the huge buck that dressed out at more than 265 pounds. They were on their second day of the hunt in wheat fields and the buck had about five doe gathered around him.

“He turned and looked right at me,” Henderson, a panhandle native, said. “He gave me a perfect broadside shot. It all happened pretty quick. It just wasn’t his lucky day, I guess.”

The bow hunter got a perfect lung shot at 24 yards.

Henderson's buck was recognized as part of the Cy Curtis Awards Program.

According to a release from ODWC, "The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation established the Cy Curtis Awards Program in 1972 to recognize trophy game and hunters in Oklahoma. The program originally recognized only trophy white-tailed deer and mule deer. But in 2014, the Cy Curtis Awards Program was expanded to include trophy elk, pronghorns, and black bears."