Smart Collar to Manage Wildlife on the Horizon

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The National Science Foundation gave academia $800,000 to work on smart collars for wildlife. Smart collars will be the next phase in collars, but will be able to do much more than just track wildlife. GPS will be built into the collars, and along with tracking there will be accelerometers to track the animal's metabolic inner life. This will track what the animal is doing, eating, running, sleeping, etc.

The smart collar will bring humans that much closer into the wildlife's habits, giving one insight to how they live. At a Colorado Research station mountain lions have been aiding in making a signature record for different activities, from running, to eating. This will set a blueprint for other mountain lions that may be collared in the initial phase of the project. Other researchers are working on collars for coyotes and wolves, two other animals that live closely to mankind. From The New York Times.


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I'm all for learning more

I'm all for learning more about wildlife and thier habits but I don't know anything about the National science foundation so I'll have to find out a little more. I would hate to think these new items are going to be used for something against us instead of helping hunting. If anyone knows please chime in as I just don't know.

It would be interesting information to keep track of though and find out how much damage an individual wolf or something really causes in a month or so. I like th eidea of a video collar to watch the hunt and kill unfold, that one would be really exciting to watch from the animals perspective.

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So, am I to assume they will

So, am I to assume they will somehow be attached so that it can measure the metabolic rate?  Wouldn't that be sort of intrusive?  I can't imagine having to actually attach something to achieve that, or if it's worth it.

But, like you said, it's amazing how technology has changed things.  New collars, what's next?  Mayb they should equip a video camera on there and we can actually watch it as it chases down a deer or something..... lol

Interesting that they can tell by "signatures" wha the animal is actually eating.  Rabbit, deer, whatever.  Very cool!

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wildlife technology

Unbelieveable to see how much technology has progressed for the aid of wildlife management.  I am a huge advocate of the Freedom to Roam program which too is looking out for the future of our domestic wildlife.  Glad to see that even in this economy steps are still moving forward towards figuring out how to save our remaining species.