Too Many Coyotes in North Dakota

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A recent survey has shown that there are a lot more coyotes then 10 years ago roaming North Dakota. The survey is conducted by mail carriers and hunters with fur bearer licenses. The numbers are almost double in some areas. The weather has had a negative impact on a lot of animals, but the coyotes are healthy and doing fine. They may even be doing better, because they were able to feed off the animals that were suffering from the harsh and long winters.

State senators had proposed a bill to pay a $100 bounty per coyote, for the first 2,000. This was not passed however. Annually around 40,000 coyotes killed, so the 2,000 was not a big number. It did help bring more awareness to the coyote problem though.

Tucker said the intentions of the bill were good, but they were not practical. It might inspire more hunting of coyotes, but it wouldn’t reduce the damage complaints because hunters wouldn’t be required to remove the livestock-damaging animals, she said.

Phil Mastrangelo, director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services division in North Dakota, said he has noticed a slight increase in the number of calls to his office for coyotes killing livestock. Coyotes that prey on livestock cause economic damage and hardship.

There is not much hope there will be a dramatic change in the coyote's population as they seem pretty healthy currently. Hunters are allowed to hunt coyotes year round now. From The Dickinson Press.


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I ha dread about this

I ha dread about this proposed bounty before and I'm not surprised that it didn't go through. Bounties have been tried in the past in many states but the results have not been that great. I read somewhere also that when the population does get reduced they actually start to have bigger litters than normal to make up for the shortage and ensure their own survival. With all the bad reports from last winter i never thought about the animals that may have actually benefitted from it. In the areas I hunt here I have actually seen less the last few years but I know it varies greatly from area to area. I sure would like to get a chance to hunt where it's loaded with them though.

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These  animals sound like

These  animals sound like they can get real nasty. Hunters should just be required to shoot these animals on sight.

I have never been coyote hunting myself, and here in Iowa we can hunt them year around also. The land that we deer hunt, we are getting alot more pictures of coyotes than normal and we are finding alot more fawns and button bucks that are being killed by coyotes. So I think I might be doing some coyote hunting after this deer season.

Maybe after i kill my buck this year I will hunt the gut pile after feild dressing my deer.

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wow!!  I am surprized that

wow!!  I am surprized that they would even try to get a bounty out of coyotes.  I would be doing it for free!!  I hate Coyotes so much that there is not to many they i see that don't know what a bullet feels like.  You would think that a state like ND would have no problem with coyotes because so many hunters or farmers. 

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I think the most surprising

I think the most surprising thing about this article is not the fact that there are more coyotes now in North Dakota than 10 years ago, which is sort of a no brainer.  I think the most surprising (and funny) thing is that the people doing the surveys include mail carriers..... lol

I guess they spend alot of time driving the roads, so they see plenty of wildlife.  It's too bad that the $100 bounty did not pass, and I am surprised.  I think North Dakota is one of the few states that actually have a budget surplus, so money shouldn't have been an issue. Especially if they only were doing it for the first 2,000.

I think the biggest reason was the crash of fur prices back in the, what was it, 80's maybe?  I remember lots of guys trapping back in Vermont when I was a kid.  Muskrat, beaver, coyote, anything.  Now, I don't know anyone who still traps back there, it's not worth it financially.

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I had heard that they were

I had heard that they were attempting to pass that law and I was really hopng that it would pass.  As we are seeing more and more coyotes here in Colorado also, and maybe we would pass the same bill.  I may just hunt a few more coyotes thruout the year.  we have some pretty good spots that produice alotm of coyotes....may just help pay for some new hunting gear.