U.S. Fish and Wildlife Prolong Public Comment on Wyoming Wolf Delisting

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wolfWyoming and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials had agreed that the comment period would end in January for the delisting of the wolves in Wyoming. After some recent moves by the Wyoming legislature and the Game and Fish Commission to ratify the plan the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service feels the need to reopen the public comment period for an additional two weeks.

Under the proposed deal most wolves outside of Yellowstone Park, the Wind River Indian Reservation and parts of the northwest corner of the state, could be shot on sight. In some areas there would be a trophy zone where the wolves could only be shot by someone with a hunting permit during a given season. A flex zone would be created in some areas where wolves would be protected during winter months.

The Interior Department has set an Oct. 1 deadline to give final approval to the deal. From Trib.com.