Wolf Sighting Creates Unrest in Kalispell

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A lone wolf was seen around Kalispell Middle School on Sunday. A nearby resident caught some footage of the wolf that was in town, and several people reported seeing it. The FWP would like residents to remain calm. It is an uncommon event when a wolf comes into town especially in the middle of the day. It did happen, but is very unlikely to occur again. Kalispell has also had grizzly bears, mountain lions and black bears come to visit before. This is also part of living in Montana.

After reports of the wolf there were more people calling in with wolf sightings. Some may have been legit, and some were dogs mistaken for a wolf.

"Public safety is the number one priority for Fish, Wildlife & Parks, the Kalispell Police Department, all the police departments, the sheriff's office. So we do want to hear reports on that, if there's a credible report, of one of these large carnivores, in town or in a residential area, we certainly want to hear about it," FWP spokesperson John Fraley said. From KTVQ.com.