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30-06 Reduced Recoil Ammo vs .243

Hey guys, I have a savage axis II in 30-06 that I use to hunt deer. I usually use 150 grain hornady superformance SST ammo, but I have been thinking about trying out hornady custom lite or Remington managed recoil ammo, both 125 grain bullets. Has anyone had any experiences with either of these types of ammo? Did they significantly reduce the amount of felt recoil for you? How do you guys think these reduced recoil types of ammo would do for hunting deer? I also have a .243, but I have never hunted with it. Specifically for deer, do you guys think it'd be better to shoot a 100 grain .243 or one of the reduced recoil 125 grain 30-06 rounds? I probably won't be taking any shots over 200 yards, and I would use it to hunt open fields or lanes. Any replies are appreciated. 

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The reduced recoil rounds

The reduced recoil rounds will do just fine as long as you can shoot them well.  We use them to get kids or smaller people used to shooting and not developing a flinch while shooting at targets.  We then use full power loads when hunting and the shooter usually never knows the difference. 

If I had a choice of shooting a .30-06 with reduced recoil rounds or a .243 with 100 grain bullets I would go with the .243.  The .243 is a fine deer round and some have used it for animals up to elk but I wouldn't recommend it for elk. 

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