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4th Season/New to Forums

Hello, first of all I'm new to this site.  I live in SW Colorado in GMU 78 and so will be happy to help anyone with info pertaining to this area.  I also have extensive knowledge of Front Range units 29 and 38 having lived and worked in both units for many years if folks need help there as well. On to my questions.


I drew a 4th season Buck tag for 77/78/771 and plan on hunting 78.  Most of my research thus far has revealed that the majority of the deer population has migrated to winter range on private and tribal lands by then.  I am hoping to hunt a few areas between 7k and 8k ft that is close to but not quite winter range.  Anyone know if this is a decent plan?  Will there still be some mature bucks or any rut activity around 7/8k from late migrators if no major snow events force them lower?  I really don't want to turn this tag back in but there is limited public land much lower than 7k. Thanks for reading!

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