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Bowhunting for kid and Mission Craze ?

In Ohio 40 lbs. of draw weight is out state minimum for deer hunting, could a 12 year old ( pretty strong ) pull that or up to 50 ? I would like to get him the Mission Craze Which he probably could shoot at his grandpa's and has a very flexible draw weight. It is also cheap enough for me to buy other stuff. For 40-45 lbs. of draw weight, what is the max. effective range in general ? I would Like to get a 3-D deer target for him to practice kill shots and a bag for him to use to group. For the 3-D target what broad heads would not destroy the target ? What about the bag target ? He has only shot his grandpa's old rescurve bow ( draw weight unknown, probably 40 lbs but not sure ) when he was much younger ( 8 or so ). When buying arrows you need the tips right ? How to you install them ? I called ***** Sporting Goods and they said they could trim it down to length, what does that mean ? Do certain arrows only fit certain bows ? Is it the other way around ?

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The first thing that I would

The first thing that I would do is to take him down to a real archery shop and have him try some bows out. The folks that run the store should be knowledgeable enough to get him set up properly with out any guess work.

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Wife made the leap to archery to target shoot and eventually hunt. I picked her up the Mission Craze on the advice of the folks at the bow shop I went to. I believe the poundage is as low as 30 all the way up to 70 so great to grow with a youngster. This will allow us to increase the poundage as my wife gets her form and strength up. Like Critter said get him to a bow shop as they will get him fitted for the correct draw and arrow length and poundage.

My wife and her Mission.

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