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Colorado Mulie questiom

I have a good number of deer points. I know elk has a "trophy corner."  Is there a unit that produces monster bucks? 

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Any unit in the state has

Any unit in the state has trophy potental but a couple of the better ones are 44 south of Gypsum and Eagle and 53 around Gunnison.  

I'd post a picture for you of a buck in 44 that I took last month but that option is broken on these forums

  Also since you are a older member I tell you that most of us have moved over to Eastmans Journal forums.  The owners of this site refuse to do anything to fix any of the problems and quite possibly it will go dark before too much longer. 

If you do go over to Eastmans it looks like there is a problem with the site right now so keep on trying if you come over.

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