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Colorado unit 44 Mule deer 2nd rifle

Hello fellow hunters, I am from MD and will be lucky enough to be coming out to colorado this fall to hunt mule deer in unit 44 second rifle season. Also will be hunting elk in unit 49. I have been to colorado a few times to hunt elk but have never hunted mule deer. Since across US its kind of hard to scout the area so was hoping for a little help from fellow hunters that have hunted that area. Not asking for anybodies honey hole just some tips to help us. I'm 50 and Will be coming out with my dad and might be his last trip though he is in great shape i would like to get him a great kill he can remember. Have never been to this unit so really am in the dark and would be great to get some help. Will be coming out couple days early but just not enough to find a great spot. Thanks ahead of time for any help and if antbody ever out my way hit me up and i will do the same for you.


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In my opinion you are not

In my opinion you are not going to have enough time to hunt deer in one unit and elk in another even if you are here for the whole season. 


During second season the deer can are are anywhere, but the better bucks are usually in the deeper meaner canyons.