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Favorite weather?

Been watching the local weather for our upcoming hunt and have been hoping for a little snow or at least some cooler temps. What type of weather do ya'll prefer when chasing elk during an early to mid Oct hunt? All my elk have been taken in either cold temps or in the snow. I have only taken 4 bulls in 3 or 4 times that many trips, but anytime the weather was too warm I just couldn't connect with a bull. For anybody on the western slope, what kind of weather do you expect for this years 1st rifle season? We will be camping at around 10,000 to 10,400 ft.

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I live here on the western

I live here on the western slope at 6500' elevation and have found that there is no telling what the weather is going to do.  Last week it was cool and wet and this week looks like it is going to be cool and dry but that can change. 

For hunting I actually like some snow on the ground a few days before I go hunting and then for nice weather during the hunt.  But I have hunted in all of it, from 2' of snow to driving rainstorms, negative temperatures during the days to 80 degree heat, you just never know what is going to happen so just be ready for it. 

If you have some snow on the ground I actually think that you will see more animals since they have to move around a little to feed.  If there is no snow they don't have to go far or move around that much.  Also if you have a deer tag the colder temperatures will actually start them into their migrating patterns and bring them down out of the high country.  I know of areas that will hold a lot of deer all summer long but a cold rain storm in September will drive them down into their winter grounds in a hurry.  Then come hunting seasons there are no deer left up high except for a few. 

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