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My name is Jim Marshek, I own and operate a small business here in Ames Iowa, called Black Diamond Hunter Accessories. Let me give you a little information about our company and how I feel we could do business together:

Black Diamond Hunter Accessories is a small, family owned business. The focus of our business is to serve the needs of our clients and to ensure their success, and safety, in the field or at play.

We at Black Diamond Hunter Accessories are not an automated company with miles of endless lines of products and hundreds of faceless people that produce these items every day in the thousands.               We are hands on, 4 people that individually fabricate each item from start to finish. We are proud of our products that we are bringing to you.

We are:  Made in America, Ames, Iowa.                                                   

Our design, sales, and marketing team, consisting of four individuals, that are all avid hunters themselves. Our background includes design engineering, biology, chemistry and mechanical, but our passion is hunting and creating. Our team is a well rounded group of guys that builds specialized hunting equipment to meet your needs. Our passion for hunting helps our understanding of the needs of such items in the field. And we all have goals in mind:

1.   Creating products that work and promote safety.

2.   Equipment that our customers need.   

3.    Number one person is you, our customer.

We relish direction and comments from individuals and or organizations. Then we specifically target our designs to meet your requirements.  At times, these inputs help us direct our focus to areas we’re able to improve on, while others are totally new ideas.

Over the last few years we have directed our attention to targeting repeat requests. We have recognized items that are called for time and time again, so now we specialize in them. These items can be found on our webpage

This introductory is intended to draw your interest to a brand new item mentioned below. This item is not yet listed on my web page but soon to be recognized everywhere. 

This new item (patented and trademarked) will be hitting archery shops and stores very soon. 

 If you attended the Iowa Deer Classic this year, either as a distributor, store, or just a person of interest, you saw this product’s first showing.

         It was sold out at the show!

Go to my web page, once there, open my customer page, and give me an e-mail or phone call.  Like mentioned earlier this item is not yet listed on my web page.

Let me send you the information on this new, innovative, idea that puts safety in bow hunting first.  You will want to stock this item in your store or business.

Or hit my ph. 515-450-0816

Be safe, and take your kids out into the field.                                                                                                              

Thank you for your time.   

Let’s talk,

Jim Marshek


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