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HI every one  I am Lewis i know the screen name sais somthing differnt my be my sons name  because he set it up for me  I dont read or write well I suferd a sever head injury while in iraq and i dont have a very good short term memroy i for get just about evey thing in a few hours  unless its hands on then i can remember it just fine    I am a disabled vet 100%  I was blowen out of the gunners hatch when our truk was struck my and ied My helmet was ripped off and i was struck in the head  when  landed i ladded on my butt and it cause my to have 2 disks removed and 2 vertabra remoced spacers put in with 4 rods i have a built in my uper back stuck up a vertrabra   and they can not remove it with out causeing dmaaged to my spine  when i was hit in the head i lost the abilty to read right enver tie my shoes i did not know my ABC's  or who my wife was for a little over then a month  i still cant write well or spell so please guys dnt give me a hard time on it  i feel horable about not being able to as it is i know some people are just going to have fun   and not be seriouse  but I really take it to heart and it does bother me  I had 2 colage degress one was a genera  and one was in crimainla justice now they are just pices of papers     i cant read or writed well enought as you can tell     I do a lot of work with  places like Head Water for Heriouse I also guid and sell catfish bait onine   and it sells like wild fire som moths i cant keep up       all the money i make   from guiding   and selling bait goes in to takeing other disabled vets fishing  you would not belive me on how much beinng on a lake  helps people with everything from depressions to PTSD  i know  i was on the edge  and i meet a guy while in GA he would show up at my house every saturday and make me go gishing even if i did not fee l like in with in 3 weeks peoople started to notice a chane in my behaver

so i thought sicne i am retired from the army I dont make much  these to hobbies go towards  takeing them fishing i dont keep a singly penn on my slef nothing it all goes to paying for there trips  and i take kids whos partnet was killed in the wars i  buy then a rod and real if they dont havere there own  most of the kids have not been fishing since the loss of there fathers     and there is no limit how many times i will take a perosn  if i have moeny i take them      I was give a few scopes from my grandfather  WWII unite the band together  talk to a sporting good store  and they were able to get some scopes for lamosst nothing thry are brand new i should have them in a week if anyones is  intested in scopes  this is what i will have


and the prices will be about 200$ off the realtail price  they are all new donatd from places like american leagon  war vets dav  vfw  privet donations  so they bought some hightend stuff from me to sell to take guys out this year sicen i am not slling my being   these are all brand new never moutned never taken aout of the box i will have them next week i just wante to make usure i can post and sell them here    and not get in trouble or break any rules if i do can someone tell me right away   i was abnd from an other site becuae i told the member to call me not send me pms or post in the tread it might be a few days   and they complaind a few of them just dont like me   they are friend with some of the guids and i cunder cut all of there preces  I just dont have the over head my 21 ft boat is paid for    

here are the scopes 


Leupold VX-R Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 4-12x 50mm Custom Dial System (CDS) Illuminated FireDot Wind-Plex Reticle Matte

Leupold 3-9X 50mm VX-R Illuminated Reticle Rifle Scope

Swarovski Z3 4-12x50 BT - flex

Leupold Mark 4 LR/T Rifle Scope - 4.5-14x50mm 30mm M1 Dial TMR Reticle Matte

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