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Last Chance Doe

Last Thursday, Dec. 11 was to be my last opportunity to bag a deer in Michigan. The muzzleloading season was to end in a couple days. Working my way into the wind through some thick cover, I came to a large opening - looked like a dry lake of about 5-6 acres. On the opposite side about 75 yards away stood a very large deer. I actually thought it was a buck that had shed it's antlers - too big for a doe. I had both types of permits in my pocket, so I quickly raised my White 50 cal and shot just as she turned to get out of there.

My shot took her a bit far back, but the heavy 460 grain solid bullet ranged clear through and came out behind the opposite shoulder.

I had a tough tracking job because of the grass, pine needles and a few oak leaves. Very little blood. I lost it a few times and almost gave up, but finally found her about 300 yards away.

Well - sorry I can't upload the pictures - - ongoing problems with the site, I guess.

It was a really big doe. I jokingly have been telling people that it was 400 pounds - - by the time I got it into the truck! 

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Congrats jaybe!      

Congrats jaybe! Thumbs up  



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Meat in the freezer is what

Meat in the freezer is what it is all about.  Congrats on the doe. 


It is amazing at how big animals get the further away from a vehicle that they are.  Been there done that. 


On the photos you need to host them on another site and then link to them.  For some reason the owners of this site don't wan't to take care of the problems that we are having. 

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Nice job on not giving up on

Nice job on not giving up on a tough track. I bet it was a big relief when you finally saw her laying there. Now to enjoy the friuts of your labor.

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