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Muzzle loader hunting

A comment on my last posting regarding hunting with a flint lock.   I shot another buck this year on the first day of the firearm deer season.   Nice 8 point buck, but the left side of his rack was obviously damaged during the time he was in velvet, and that side was very deformed.  He was a 3 year old deer and weighed in at 150 #s field dressed.   80 pounds of deboned meat in the freezer, so I am happy.  This was flintlock deer number six.   I am writing another article to send to "Muzzle Blast" about it.   Glad I got him, as he had a complete crossbow bolt in his left flank.   It had not been there more than a day or two, as there was no infection.  No doubt, he would have had trouble getting through a Michigan winter with this up his butt.   Anyway my point is that if you hunt with a bow, please refrain from shooting at any deer unless you have a good shot, at a reasonable range.   When I hun with my flint lock smooth bore, my maximum range is 50 yards.  We owe it to these magestic animals and our sport.  Now I am looking forward to the turkey season, and maybe trying for one with my flint smooth bore if I can work up a good load.  Happy hunting all.

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