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Need help choosing a hunt

I'm strictly a meat hunter.  We've had to incorporate considerably more wild game into our diets because of food allergies in our family.  Commercial meat causes significant digestive problems for all of us now and organic or pure pasture raised meat prices are ridiculous.

I have had zero success white tail hunting on public lands in SE Michigan over the last five years and our freezer is once again mostly empty going into the winter.  I've passed on small does and button bucks but largely am just not seeing deer any more.  I think I need to focus more on bigger game hunting where I can justify the meat ratio to expense paid.  So now I'm looking into bear, elk, reindeer and moose for carcass yields and avilability in Canada and other US states.

I'm looking for bang for the buck hunts.  Value and results are key.  Problem I keep running into is cost.  I get $7,000 for a moose hunt for the orthodontist who wants something to hang in his billiard room but that ain't me at all.  While trophy antler hunting is for some, it unfortunately is lost on me.  Meat yield is my trophy and my priority.  I also don't need high end accomodations or gourmet meals.  Basic shelter and simple meals would be fine but again, all I typically see are deluxe accomodations that are way out of my price range.

My two questions are;

1)  What hunt(s) would you recommend and where?  Quantity of meat and overall costs are to be considered.

2)  Are there independent guides that can produce quality results but without the flash, flare and enormous expense?

Central and Eastern Canada are ok as well as any of the northern US states.  Drive in preferred and closer location to Detroit is a bonus.  I still consider myself a novice hunter as I was not raised in a hunting family.  I'm a quick study and have no problem dressing/processing meat with good instruction.

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