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New Camo Designs for 2017

Hey All- My name is Cos and I am the designer/owner of these camo designs. I am from Bridgewater MA and I felt there needs to be a better design for the Northeast. So after many years of trial and error, I came up with these new patent/trademarked and copy-written designs that my friends and I have been using for the past few years for hunting and have been very successful in our endeavors.

For now I only have a hoodies, (maybe 10 left in various sizes). I am here not to sell but to get opinions on the camo designs to see if there's any outside interest, especially from my home state of Massachusetts, (glad there's this site).

Anyhow, feel free to leave feedback. All feedback is welcome, good or bad.

I do have a website but not sure if that's breaking the site rules? (

If it is, I will edit this post and remove the website address.

Thanks, and looking forward in hearing from you.

p.s. Sorry guys, I am trying to add pics of my design but theres an error when trying to upload. I am following the upload requirements but still nothing.

Feel free to check out my site. 


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