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Small game with bow and crossbow?

Hello from Germany!

Checking out the german and bavarian hunting law I found that hunting small game (fox, birds, ducks, badger, racoons, rabbitts) with bow/crossbow is legal here. Are there any suggestions for techniques like special arrows, distance, etc?



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Small game with bow and crossbow?

The only thing I do that's close to what you're asking is I always take along a "bird arrow" for grouse when I'm hunting elk. Basically, it's the same arrow I'm using for elk, except it has a dull field tip with "grasshopper" on it. The grasshopper is a metal ring with semi-sharp protruding edges that fits between the field tip and shaft (when you screw the tip into the shaft). It serves 2 purposes, it tears a large chunk out of the middle of the grouse, plus it stops the arrow on the ground. I've used the same arrow the last couple of years, shot several grouse with it and havn't lost it. Shots on grouse are generally pretty close. They ain't too smart. I can usually walk up to them about 15 to 10 yards away.

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Small game with bow and crossbow?

How about small game with a blow gun?? LOL

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not to hijack
maineguide wrote:
How about small game with a blow gun?? LOL

not to hijack this thread but a blowgun without posion on small game is worthless. I've shot rabbits,birds and squirrels with blowguns,bolows,boomerangs slingshots ,air guns, all types of archery equipment and blowguns top the list of worthless on game without some posion. I have seen birds fly off with a foot long dart sticking through their heads, and squirrels with blowgun darts with broadheads still make it to the nest. When I got my first blowgun they included directions on how to make poision. Way not worth it. We have a lot of bumble bees and dragon flys stuck to the side of the cabin with darts. Lots of fun.
Now for regular bowhunting small game even a judo out of modern bows will completely pass through any rabbit or squirrel and most birds leaving a nasty rank hole. Blunts are not great(to me). Regular broadheads are my choice. Nice clean hole and nothing goes far. If you are shooting birds I would use a judo or a blunt.

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Small game with bow and crossbow?

Judo points are good for small game. They are blunt with little arms that catch the grass so you don't lose your arrow.

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Re: Small game with bow and crossbow?

I,v lost to many arrows on small game killed a rabbit and a groundhog though.

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I shot a squirrel with my bow

I shot a squirrel with my bow with a 2 blade rage and it almost cut him completely in half.

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Well guess what you know what

Well guess what you know what I did?  I saw a squirrel in a tree so I climbed the tree and as I went into it's nest it bit me! Yeah that's right it bit me! And I yelled at it then I came down and got a shotgun.  Best choice of my life. LOL Wink

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The particular crossbow

The particular crossbow accuracy prod is quite limited when compared to normal bows creating a limited draw period. The particular guitar strings for the crossbow are typically made of solid materials that may not really have a tendency to arena. Incredibly mild crossbows could be sketched yourself yet bulkier sorts need aid from physical gadgets.

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