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What is your primary carry gun?

What is your primary carry gun and do you carry extra mags with you and if you do how many mags do you carry? Of course you dont carry extra mags if your primary carry gun is a revolver. 

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 I actually have two carry

 I actually have two carry gun's but the one used most by far is my S&W Shield in 9mm, it's a compact. I don't like handgun recoil so I load lighter rounds. The other is also a 9mm, Ruger P89. Nice gun longer barrel 16 shot capacity and a bit harder to hide away. I believe you have to be willing to shot the gun if it's any use to you, there for a 9mm. I hd for a short while a 45 auto, hated the recoil. I always carry one extra magazine but not sure why! If your into a fight and had to fire off more than 5 or 6 rounds, you are probably in trouble and the extra mag may not help. With the Shield I carry one extra only because it's so light. Don't carry an extra mag for the Ruger. Extra 16 rounds of ammo makes a heavy load and if 5 or 6 shot's don't get it done, well. I doubt 10 more will make a difference.

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