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Which Crossbow should I get ?

Today I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to look at compound bows, but then I saw the crossbows... I took down a few different models to get a feel for them. I took a look at the reasonably priced ones. I looked at three of them, 2/3 were a bit heavy, but not terrible. They were the Wicked Ridge Invader HP, Barnett Wildcat C5 Xtreme, and the SA Sports Ambush. Which should I get ? Now that I look, I don't really want the SA Sport. I would Like a bow that I could hunt larger game than a deer, like a black bear. Since crossbows have a higher draw weight, and energy than compound bows, could I hunt Brown Bears with a 150 lb Crossbows going 320 FPS ? 


Links: Barnett  http://www.barnettcrossbows.com/products/crossbows/crossbows-core/wildcat-c5-2013 




         Wicked  http://www.tenpointcrossbows.com/shop/shopexd.asp?id=489 



          SA       http://www.sa-sports.com/Bows/Ambush.aspx

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I have no idea on a crossbow

I have no idea on a crossbow since I don't have one or plan on getting one. But you need to find out if they are legal to hunt with and what restrictions are on them where you plan on hunting before you head out with one to bag a animal.

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Don't listen to this guy on

Don't listen to this guy on Horton crossbows.  Horton went bankrupt and TenPoint bought specific assets of theirs.  Horton crossbow operation no longer exists and TenPoint will not make or service any previous Horton crossbows.  So do not consider Horton - not yet at least... but wait until TenPoint releases their "horton" model in 2014... if you can wait that long.  See link for more bankrupt info - http://www.cleveland.com/outdoors/index.ssf/2013/07/tenpoint_crossbow_buys_ohio_ri.html

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i know

get the one Daryl Dixon uses

IN NYS you can take game with a cross bow but only in the firearms season - they are banned during the archery seasons. Yep, that's NY for you.

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