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Wow, Cindy, nice moose. Is it going on the wall? I haven't read your story yet, wondering where you shot it.

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Cindy isn't on the site,

Cindy isn't on the site, she's my cousin.  She shot it in northeastern Maine, in the Houlton/Hodgdon area.  I believe their plan is to have it mounted, alongside her husbands moose from last year.  It should fit well in their trophy room, but they are running out of space.

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No Doubt

No Doubt that they are running out of room. I have one on my wall and it takes up 4 spaces where deer would notmally hang. That's a real good moose for that area, isn't it? Anybody put a tape measure to it? What species of moose hang out in Maine? Here in Colorado it is the Wyoming or Shiras. Tell Cindy congrats.

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As for species, other than

As for species, other than the Shiras, I have never really heard of them being called by their sub-species.  We just call them moose.  But, looking at a map. it appears to be the Alces Alces Americana subspecies.  Those kind cover the eastern 3rd of Canada, down into New England.

I don't think they put a tape to it.  That's a decent rack for there, but they can get alot bigger.  Weight was 750 pounds, which I think was light for the rack it had.  800-900 is average for a good bull, with the state record actually going 1330 lbs back in 1982.