Anglers Being Surveyed to Help Fisheries Management in Wyoming

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Fishing is a popular and important activity in Wyoming, so understanding anglers’ preferences and perspectives is valuable to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

That’s why the department mailed postcards to more than 12,000 anglers April 17, both residents and nonresidents, asking them to go online and complete a survey about their angling preferences.

“With this survey, we’re trying to find out about angler satisfaction and habits specific to individualdrainages in Wyoming,” said Susan Boston, department human dimensions coordinator. “This isn’t a harvest or creel survey to determine how many fish were caught or kept.”

She said that in addition to field contact with anglers and regulation meetings every two years, the survey will provide important information to help guide fisheries management in Wyoming. “Just like political and consumer surveys, we target a large enough sample with the needed demographic representation to make the survey statistically reliable,” Boston said.

Anglers are urged to complete the survey, because the greater the response the more confidence fisheries managers can have in the results. Anglers unable to complete the survey online will be mailed a paper survey later this month.

Boston said surveys have been used by the department for 25 years to help gain insights into important wildlife issues. “It’s been 15 years since our last angling survey, so we’re excited to see the results,” she added. “We’re also looking forward to the opportunity to receive results through our online survey. This is a tool we hope to use more in the future, as it is convenient for the public and ultimately saves money on mailing costs and database management, not to mention the environmental benefits.”

The department is also scheduling a survey of mule deer hunters this summer and elk hunters in late 2012. For moreinformation about the department’s survey effort, contact Boston at (307) 777-4600.