Black Bear Hunting News

Michigan Bear Hunting “Help” Convictions Overturned by Appeals Court

The Michigan Court of Appeals has overturned the convictions of two men who used their dogs to help a hunter take a black bear out of season. In Michigan the punishment for an illegal bear hunt is up to 90 days in jail and up to a $1,000 fine. The court unanimously decided that Russell Lavigne Jr. and William Gerard McNeight were not guilty of a misdemeanor charge.

New Study: Black Bears Prefer a Roomier Vehicle

Every year the race to build the perfect animal-oriented automobile grows more intense. Kia tried to tap into the hamster demographic with this spot (music by Blacksheep). Not to be out done, Jeep tried to go after the entire woodland forest population. And as recently as 2011, Nissan went after the elusive “polar dollar” with this ad.

Rough Weather Strands Philadelphia Eagles’ Jason Babin During Alaskan Bear Hunt

Jason Babin, defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles, had one of the better excuses to miss a team activity in the history of the NFL. He was stranded along with his guide in Cold Bay, Alaska living off melted glacier water and freeze-dried food for several days.

Sportsmen Seek to Solve Colorado’s “Bear in Tree” Problem with Reinstated Spring Hunting Season

It’s raining bears in Colorado. Just about one month after a young black bear fell out of a tree on the University of Colorado Boulder’s campus and images and video of the fall went viral, another bear took refuge in a tree in Steamboat Springs.

California Senate Passes Anti-Hunting Bill

California Senate Bill 1221, a bill that will ban the use of hounds to hunt black bears and bobcats, passed the state’s Senate today. The passage of SB 1221 by the senate casts a dark cloud over the future of all hunting and wildlife management in California. Senate Bill 1221 passed with a vote of 22 to 15 in favor.

Research Suggests Spray is Safer than Firearms in Preventing Bear Attacks

Photo: Mark A. PhilbrickA firearm may seem like a more reliable item to carry in the backcountry than non-lethal spray, but according to two recent studies, firearms are no more effective than self-defense spray when it comes to handling bears. Two studies led by Brigham Young University Bear Biologist and Associate Professor of Wildlife Science Thomas S. Smith concluded that firearms don’t guarantee protection.

Trash Management Key to Managing New Mexico Bear Issues

Trash BearBear season begins soon at a trash can or dumpster near you.

To make this a safe spring and summer for bears and humans, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is encouraging the public to manage their trash properly.

Missouri Bear Awareness Extra Important in Springtime

Resource Scientist Jeff Beringer has a piece of advice for Missouri outdoors people and landowners: Be bear aware.

Beringer is the bear specialist for the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). When someone sees a bear somewhere in the Show-Me State, they call him. His phone rings more often each spring, and this year is no exception.

Idaho Application Period for Controlled Hunts Opens May 1

The application period for this fall's deer, elk, pronghorn, fall black bear and fall turkey controlled hunts starts Tuesday, May 1, and runs through June 5.

Hunters may apply for controlled hunts at any hunting and fishing license vendor, Fish and Game office; with a credit card by calling 1-800-55HUNT5; or online at An additional fee is charged for telephone and Internet applications. Hunters must have a 2012 Idaho hunting license to apply.

Montana Spring Black Bear Hunting to Close in BMU 510

The hunting of all spring black bears in south-central Montana BMU 510, which includes portions of Big Horn, Carbon and Yellowstone counties, will close one-half hour after sunset on Wednesday, April 25, 2012.