Coyote Hunting News

Coyote Study Underway in Denver Metro Area, Colorado

A research effort involving federal, state, and local partners is poised to discover new insights about the behavior of Colorado's urban coyotes and help wildlife managers improve strategies for dealing with these clever canids.

What Can be Done to Control Coyotes?

Coyotes first appeared in South Carolina a little more than 30 years ago and continue to expand greatly in numbers, according to biologists with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources. Studies show that coyotes are negatively impacting the white-tailed deer by preying on deer fawns.

Unusual String of Coyote Bites Hits West Valley, Arizona

A series of unprovoked coyote bites have been reported at the Trilogy at Vistancia community in Peoria over the past few days. Three bites with no serious injuries have occurred to residents of this community in less than 24 hours.

North Carolina Wildlife Commission Proposes Night Hunting of Coyotes and Feral Hogs

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is inviting the public to comment on proposed rules that will allow the hunting of feral swine and coyotes at night with a light.

The proposed seasons would be year-round, and would allow the hunting of feral swine and coyotes on Sundays on private lands with archery equipment. Night hunting is one means of controlling the population of coyotes and feral swine, both of which are non-native to North Carolina.

West Virginia's Trapping Seasons End Soon for Mink, Raccoon, Fox, Muskrat, etc.

West Virginia trappers are reminded that the various trapping seasons for affected species will be ending soon, according to the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources.

How to Avoid the Capture of Bobcats While Trapping Other Furbearers

Although bobcats are considered a game species, they are currently classified as "Endangered" in New Jersey and are therefore managed by the Division of Fish and Wildlife's Endangered and Nongame Species Program. There is no open hunting or trapping season for bobcat, and it is illegal to intentionally take, kill or attempt to take or kill one in the State. Bobcats legally harvested in other U.S. states or Canadian provinces may be possessed provided the pelt is affixed with a CITES tag from the state or province of harvest.

Michigan DNR Offering Classes in Bear and Coyote Hunting

The Department of Natural Resources wants to ensure that hunters have all the knowledge they need for a successful hunting season and is offering two classes suitable for both the novice and experienced hunter. Bear Hunting 101 and Coyote Hunting 101 are taking place starting at noon Saturday, Sept.10, at the Rifle River State Recreation Area, 2550 E. Rose City in Lupton in Ogemaw County.

Georgia's 2011-12 Hunting Regulations Guide Now Available

The 2011-2012 Georgia Hunting Seasons and Regulations Guide is available online and in print announces the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division.

Iowa Hunting Seasons Set for 2011-12

Waterfowl seasons will be set during the Aug. 11 meeting of the DNR's Natural Resource Commission. The following Iowa hunting seasons have been approved.

Nova Scotia's Coyote Plan Increases Safety and Awareness

A four-part plan by the province has increased awareness and made communities safer from aggressive coyotes.

"In the year since our department launched the four-part plan, we have provided expertise, incentives, education and direct action to address the issue of aggressive coyotes," said Charlie Parker, Minister of Natural Resources. "We are working to make our province safer for everyone."