Nova Scotia's Coyote Plan Increases Safety and Awareness

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A four-part plan by the province has increased awareness and made communities safer from aggressive coyotes.

"In the year since our department launched the four-part plan, we have provided expertise, incentives, education and direct action to address the issue of aggressive coyotes," said Charlie Parker, Minister of Natural Resources. "We are working to make our province safer for everyone."

Under the plan, the department released educational materials provincewide, trained 13 trappers to target aggressive coyotes in selected areas, hired a wildlife conflict biologist and implemented a pelt-incentive program.

The department designed the pelt-incentive program to help change coyote behaviour so they avoid people. The department also offered a $20 incentive to encourage more professional trappers to harvest coyotes during the regular trapping season, which ended March 31.

Under the incentive program, 366 trappers harvested 2,643 coyote pelts. A total of $52,860 was paid to trappers who properly prepared and shipped pelts to market. Last year, 268 licensed trappers harvested and exported 1,736 pelts.

The Department of Natural Resources will review the information gained to determine if the pelt program will continue. The province's priority to reduce human-wildlife conflict and promote safety will continue. The educational materials, remain available at .