Wyoming GFD Working on Platte Valley Mule Deer Management Plan Following Recent Meetings

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The Wyoming Game and Fish Department recently completed its third series of meetings at which the public was invited to discuss strategies for management of the Platte Valley mule deer herd in upcoming years. The Platte Valley herd encompasses Hunt areas 78, 79, 80, 81, 83, and 161.

The first meetings focused on the issues contributing to the decline of the mule deer population in the Platte Valley hunt areas and possible improvements that could be made to help the herd in coming years. At the last series of meetings, a draft plan was presented based on input received at the earlier meetings.

More than 110 people were in attendance at the third series of meetings and a number of comments and suggestions were received on the draft plan.

"Input from all of the meetings has been incorporated into the management plan for the Platte Valley deer herd," said Laramie region wildlife coordinator Terry Creekmore. "Hopefully the plan will lead to management decisions and habitat improvements that will have a positive effect on the Platte Valley herd in coming years."

Several of the more immediate changes will be a proposal for antlered only hunting in 2012 and limited quota only hunting for the following three years. Other proposals include improvements to important habitats and reduction of deer mortality due to predation.

The Platte Valley mule deer herd is one of the focus herds under the Wyoming Mule Deer Initiative. This herd unit has been selected for special attention as part of the Game and Fish effort to address declining mule deer numbers throughout the state. Over the past number of years, the Platte Valley Deer Herd has been a source of concern for wildlife managers and the public alike. For more information, visit the WGFD website at wgfd.wyo.gov, click on "Wildlife and Habitat," then on "Mule Deer Initiative."
(Contact: Al Langston (307) 777-4540)


I've been attending these

I've been attending these meeting when they were held about the western wyoming mule deer herd. Years later nothing has been done to up herds numbers. If we wouldve had another bad winter we wouldnt have had any deer left. The WGF have no ambitions in doing what is right by the herd. All the care about is revenue. I no longer have faith in them as shepards of our herds. They have clearly showed thru thier actions they dont give a crap about the vanishing western wyoming mule deer herd. I've spent close to 100 a field a year for the pasat 20 years watching/hunting this herd. It has been shot out, plain and simple. Its almost impossible for a buck to live past 3 years old anymore. They are still allowing youth hunter to take does as well. If you want to know exacctly how not to manage a herd take notes from these guys. Yes this units has other things wrong with it affecting survival rates. All the WGF has done is close massive amounts of public lands giving haven to predators, ( and the wonder why our fawn survival rate suck ), they have also have made laws making it illegal to pick up antlers until may 1st thru falsified propiganda campaigns. I got news oppressing the public isnt going to up numbers. To up numbers they must restict or close hunting for a few years which will dent thier pocket books. Its all about money folks.