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Friday - July 26, 2013

My mom nearly died two weeks ago with meningitis from a tick born bacteria (Ehrlichiosis), my niece tested positive for Lyme disease last week, my wife suffers from chronic symptoms from Lyme disease diagnosed several years ago.

Friday - December 14, 2012

Colorado Elk Season 2012


Two friends and I set out this year to fill our first ever bull elk tags in Colorado. I've hunted elk in the past in other states, but this was our first time hunting second season outside of Durango, Colorado. {Story Spoiler!} We saw very few elk and no one harvested a bull. But learning the area and getting great exercise was everywhere we went.

Friday - December 14, 2012

Colorado Elk Season 2012


Tuesday - June 12, 2012

Last season, we all observed the effects of the nationwide drought on wildlife. Fortunately, we had one of the mildest winters ever to compensate and that resulted in very low winter mortality rates in game animals. Now this year, although somewhat better, we are still in a cycle of drought, and we can expect to see many of the things we saw last year with some new twists.

Tuesday - June 5, 2012

The old saying is that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Well – there is more than one way to dress a turkey. Some folks just pull the breasts off and leave the rest of the bird for the coyotes, but that seems wasteful to me. When we roast a whole turkey whether it is a Butterball or wild bird, the breasts make the main course of at least one meal and most of the remaining meat gets used for turkey sandwiches the next day while the bones are stewed into stock for future use as turkey soup.

Wednesday - April 18, 2012

Colorado House Bill 1048 squeaked by the house, and the chances it will pass the senate are not the best. This bill could potentially save the state millions of dollars, and with the current state of the economy that could mean a lot. House Bill 1048, sponsored by Rep. Mark Waller (R) would cancel the state background checks for those purchasing firearms.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigations background check is redundant and costly. The FBI background check should be sufficient, without requiring a state background check as well.

Monday - March 26, 2012

A Grand Junction, Colorado man was having trouble with a red bird harassing his cats. Derrill Rockwell, had a .22 caliber rifle by his door that he used for other rodents around his house. On October 5th, early in the morning he spotted something red that looked like the bird harassing his cats. He grabbed his rifle, aimed, and shot at the "bird." Later he heard moaning.

Saturday - March 24, 2012

The Colorado Supreme Court recently ruled that college campuses cannot ban concealed weapons on campus. As with most things there are pros and cons. One Colorado gun shop owner though is working to make it a positive issue by offering a class called, "Prepare U." Dick Abramson owns "The Gun Store" located in Centennial, and his class "Prepare U" will deal with self protection and gun safety.

Thursday - March 8, 2012

When hunting, the game animal should not be tortured. That is what was going on in the cases that Marvin Ellis was involved with. Ellis worked for a guide company out of Mack, Colorado and guided hunts in Utah and Colorado.

Ellis as well as other employees of the guide in at least two instances, used a leg snare trap on a mountain lion. Then kept the animal snared until the paying customer, an actual hunter could show up and "hunt" the animal. In one case an animal was shot by a guide, when trying to keep it in the area for a paying customer. These instances happened between December of 2007 through February 2010.

Monday - March 5, 2012

Colorado has a "Make My Day" law which protects homeowners legally if they need to use lethal force to protect themselves in the home. House Bill 1088, also referred to as the "make my day better" law, would have given business owners and employees the same protection. Allowing them to use whatever means they felt necessary if they felt threatened. It passed the Republican led house, but was shot down in the Democratic led Senate.