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Sunday - August 9, 2015


Coyotes, via Grind Tv

Monday - February 23, 2015


After joggers came across a pile of discarded remains in the desert last month just days after a coyote contest, a bill to end the practice passed the New Mexico state senate by a 27-13 vote.

Thursday - March 29, 2012

North Carolina counties are affected by the growing coyote population, some a lot more than others, but most are affected by the wild animals. A proposal being discussed would allow night hunting for coyotes, in some counties year round.

Friday - February 24, 2012

A Minnesota house representative, Torrey Westrom would like to bring back a bit of the old days. He has heard from some hunters that really liked the old days, 60s and early 70s, when they were able to shoot wolves from helicopters. He has introduced a proposal that would allow the hunting of coyotes from helicopters and from stationary snowmobiles.

I want to bring back something that younger generations have never had the chance to experience,” said Westrom, from Elbow Lake.

Friday - February 24, 2012

A Hopkinton teen was walking his dog Wednesday, when a coyote approached. The dog ran off, and the coyote attacked the teen boy. The boy tried to fend off the coyote, repeatedly punching the animal in the nose. Eventually the coyote did take off. The boy suffered scratches, and was treated as if the coyote was rabid.

Tuesday - February 7, 2012

The North Carolina Wildlife Commission has a new proposal for the public to weigh in on. Residential areas have had pets killed or injured by coyotes in recent months, so the commission has proposed to allow coyote hunting on Sunday nights, with bows and arrows on private land.

In the next couple of weeks public meetings will be held on how best to deal with the pressing coyote problems. This proposal may or may not come to pass, but it will put the spotlight on managing coyotes.

Thursday - January 19, 2012

Alex Cazmay, 9 years old, was playing with her friend Kelly Igoe. Kelly was riding her scooter and when she looked back, saw what she believed was a dog - then realized it was a coyote, and was right by Alex. The animal seemed to come out of nowhere, but was intent on Alex.

Then the animal started biting Alex."It bit me in the butt, then it bit me in the arm and then it bit me (on the hand) and then I had the sense to run inside,” Alex recalled with a half-laugh.

Wednesday - November 9, 2011

In 2004 Leavenworth, Kansas city council approved bowhunting for deer in certain areas to help manage the deer/human run-ins. Now on the ballot, to be voted on November 22nd, is a proposed ordinance to add coyotes to the bowhunt in town.

Some residents had contacted the commission with concerns about the coyotes. Those opposed say that the coyotes are not a threat or that domestic dogs may be mistaken for coyotes.

Wednesday - September 14, 2011

A recent survey has shown that there are a lot more coyotes then 10 years ago roaming North Dakota. The survey is conducted by mail carriers and hunters with fur bearer licenses. The numbers are almost double in some areas. The weather has had a negative impact on a lot of animals, but the coyotes are healthy and doing fine. They may even be doing better, because they were able to feed off the animals that were suffering from the harsh and long winters.

Friday - September 2, 2011

The National Science Foundation gave academia $800,000 to work on smart collars for wildlife. Smart collars will be the next phase in collars, but will be able to do much more than just track wildlife. GPS will be built into the collars, and along with tracking there will be accelerometers to track the animal's metabolic inner life. This will track what the animal is doing, eating, running, sleeping, etc.