2011 New Hampshire Moose Hunt - A Success!

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After several months of scouting in WMU I1, the hunt was finally here! Warm temperatures and windy conditions and an abundance of food sources made this year's hunt a hard one, at least in this unit. The moose seemed to be away from the cuts, at least the cuts we were hunting, there were a few taken in cuts but for the most part the moose had other ideas on where to get their fill. The rut was long past due by at least a week or 2 which made calling seem useless. It was a matter of finding moose outside their typical feeding areas.

As the week went on we felt we were getting closer and closer to the moose, finding fresher and fresher sign as we went along. on Friday we decided to go into this small piece of woods with lots of  7-8 year old beech growth, this area was wide open and perfect for a shot if we saw what we were looking for. Once into this piece we immediately started seeing fresh sign, tracks that were just hours old, lots of rutting sign from the previous couple weeks and lots of snipped beech browse. We decided to leave the area but not after making a mock scrape, kinda like deer do but much bigger in size and unloaded a bomb inside the scrape. We went back to this spot several hours later around 3:30 pm to take a sit and watch what might come through, before we got to our sit location we noticed movement down by the river about 60-70 yards away, we noticed it was a cow and her calf and then a young bull, the rest is history! Seeing 4 moose total during the hunt.

I want to thank my clients this year for having faith in me and sticking with me even when it did not seem like it was going to happen. John Wieloch Sr and John Wieloch Jr were 2 of the nicest people I have ever met and truly had a passion for the hunt and the animals we were after. I do wish however John Sr. could have joined us in the field, instead he was sidelined with a bad knee, this kept him from getting into the woods with us but he did keep an eye on our vehicles for us and made friends and conversation with many people who passed by and stopped to talk to him.

Took us 6.5 hours to remove the moose from the woods, once we did, we were immediately off to the store for ice where we were joined by another couple who needed to check in their moose as well, so they followed us to New Hampton where the moose was checked in, a tooth was removed for aging purposes and it was weighed and recorded into the books by NH Fish and Game. The moose was estimated to be 3.5 years old weighing 730 lbs, then the CO mentioned because the weight exceeded that of classification for a 3.5 year old that the data from the tooth might come back in Feb. saying he was 4.5 years old. Either way, a very nice moose and a great hunt.


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That's a great moose Swamp

That's a great moose Swamp donkey! You definately have skills as a guide, that's for sure.  I bet this client was plenty happy!  Congrats to you both!

My cousin got a nice one last week up in Maine.  750 pounds also, but a huge rack.  I actually thought it should have been a 900 pounder or so.  Either way, she was excited.

Who knows Swamp D, if I ever get off my lazy butt and put in for Vermont or New Hampshire, I will have to look you up.  That would be a fun hunt!

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Thanks Ca_Vermonster, That

Thanks Ca_Vermonster, That would be great! if you get drawn definately look me up, I can guide you or would be happy to help you out however I can.

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Nice looking moose!  Great

Nice looking moose!  Great pics too.  I enjoyed the story and can't help but think about myself trying to pull a moose tag in Colorado.  It's a once in a lifetime tag for us here.  Been applying for many years and probably have many more to go.  We I do get the tag, I will be very excited to finally get out to do a moose hunt.

Thanks again!

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Thanks for the pics and the story – Congrats on the GREAT BULL!

Thanks for sharing your story and especially the photographs.  That is a great looking bull.  I bet your clients are tickled pink.  They sure should be! 

As I posted elsewhere and you have probably already seen - I took my moose in 2009 in Vermont but right close to the New Hampshire border.  I am applying every chance I get for another moose tag!  Vermont Fish and Wildlife doesn’t let you even apply for a moose tag for three years after you have drawn a permit.  God blessed me with the tag for my bull in 2009, so I don’t get to apply for moose hunting in Vermont again until 2013.  I will be applying for moose tags in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine for many more years to com whether I draw another tag or not since I am not happy with just one moose!  But since the odds of drawing in all three states combined is still fairly long odds, I’m considering  looking at moose hunting options in the eastern Canadian provinces too.  I might just consider going back to Alaska but the transportation costs almost make up for the difference  in cost vs. hunting on Newfoundland with their mandatory guide  adding to the cost of the hunt.  Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with using a guide and Swamp Donkey has delivered to these clients, but I am squeezing my budget for more moose opportunities and I just don’t have the several thousand dollars that a Newfie hunt would call for right now.  So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to draw one of those hard to get moose tags next year!

Thanks again for the pics and the story – GREAT BULL!

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  Swamp Donkey - that is


Swamp Donkey - that is definitely a great looking Moose harvested - Congrats!!!

A Moose hunt is definitely on my list of hunts to complete in my lifetime.  My Dad and Brothers took a Moose hunt trip up to Newfoundland and all scored on nice bulls.  I was not able to go at the time due to workload.  I knew good Moose hunting can be accomplished right here.  I have noted your web site so when the time comes and can look you up for possibly my Moose adventure.

From your pictures it looks to have been a great adventure that ended with that great looking Moose!  Congrats again and wish you many more successful Moose hunts in the future!


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Congradulations on the fine

Congradulations on the fine looking Moose. I have been reading articles on the NH moose hunts and the sucess rate so far this year. Great story to go along with it. Sounds like you had a fun hunt. Again congrats on the fine looking beast, I'm very jelous of you moose hunters, moose hunting is on my bucket list for sure.

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Thanks for the comments,

Thanks for the comments, Moose hunting is definately something all hunters should do at least once in their lives for sure! I have never hunted elk but from what I have seen they are much the same. Elk seem very vocal and hunters are able to call them in much like moose. That's the fun part, calling these animals in to within several feet you really get an idea of how big they really are. NH has a lottery for moose every year and they actually auction off 5 permits to the 5 highest bidders, high bids are usually around $8k, which is lots of money! but if you decide to enter the lottery look me up I would be happy to help you out! www.swampdonkeyadventures.com

Thanks again and

Have a great season!