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Lessons Learned

As I reflect back on the past year I wanted to share more of the lessons I had learned in hopes that another beginner may find something I type of use to them.

I had hunted in the past with minimal success. Deciding what big game species I wanted to concentrate on for my first time hunting in over twenty years was an easy decision for me. It was almost as if it was predetermined being that I chose the most abundant deer species in the area. Selecting an area to hunt was a little harder but not much harder. My state uses a lottery system and one has to get “drawn” for tags.

Thanksgiving 2011 Hunt

During these times of holiday festivities hunting can sometimes be a family affair or it can be put to the wayside for the time being.

Thanksgiving 2011 was a fairly uneventful day for us. My spouse and I decided that since it was a day off for me, and her as well, that we would go out and do a few things that we both like to do. I wouldn’t get to hunt as hard as I like but I would have good company, my wife and two dogs. I would also get to do some four wheel driving which gives me the perfect excuse to test my new tires.

Any Day Hunting Beats a Day at Work

Since my deer season was a bust, as I couldn't find the deer I managed to put a bullet in, I'm always looking for excuses to get out and hunt some more.

The past couple of opportunities have been, "spur of the moment," when the opportunity arises and I don't have family obligations that impede upon my fun. I do this as a way of getting out and exploring new country and also, as I tell the wife, exercise our two beloved puppies.

Trials and Tribulations (the final chapter)

Some of you have followed my various online posts in the forum as I rediscovered my passion for the outdoors and hunting. For those that haven't, here's a short recap:

17 Year Old Helps Mother Get Her First Bull Elk

Our strategy for drawing tags in Arizona may not produce the most desired hunts, but it keeps our family together and in the field having a great time.  This past season, my son drew a late 3B Blackpowder Tag and my wife drew a late 3A/3C Rifle Tag.  The hunts were on the same dates which made things a little chaotic. Fortunately they both started the day after Thanksgiving and we had some friends available to help us. The only draw back for my son was that he only had 2 1/2 days to hunt because he had to be to school on Monday morning.

Arizona "Dry Ground" Mountain Lion Hunt

If you enjoy doing things the hard way, there is no Lion hunt like a Dry Ground Mountain Lion Hunt in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico or Utah's High Deserts.  Your appreciation for what dry ground hounds can do is amazing.  You may not even see Lion Scat or Track.  Scent may seem undetectable without humidty, moisture or frost. The most impressive part for me is seeing the dogs change direction with no bearing of direction like you could get from a full or partial claw mark in the mud, sand or snow.

Young Man, Big Bull
Big Al Wapiti

Eleven years old and Brady already had the need to hunt big bulls. After being unsuccessful on drawing a juniors only cow tag for the first two year, I can remember the day he said to me “ dad I just want to hunt big bull elk." So from that day forward the plan kicked in. It wasn’t rocket science but I knew that by the time he was a young man and with a little luck, he would have a great chance at being drawn for a great Arizona tag.

Javelina Hunting Fun

The year was 1997 and there were 6 of us out on a expedition hunting javelinas in Arizona.  This was our fourth trip and so far we had managed to only find and shoot two of them in the previous years.  This year it got interesting.

Last Day Javelina

It was the last day of the hunt in Arizona and I still hadn’t filled my tag yet.  Roy my hunting partner had taken a nice boar two nights before right at sundown.  He and I had taken a hike and separated along a ridge.  He went one way and I the other around a finger heading back towards the main wash.  I had headed down the ridge for about three quarters of a mile and stopped to glass a hill side.  There was a brown bull making a ruckus and bellowing at something and I just didn’t pay any attention.  Now Roy had walked around that hill and was towards the bott

Opening Day Pretty Boy, Arizona’s Early Rifle Hunt
Al Siebert

March 29 2009 I made a call to Arizona Game and Fish from work, and I think my entire crew heard me scream like a little boy, after I heard that I was the lucky draw of an early rifle Elk Permit in Arizona. From that moment on I didn’t waste a second learning something about the Unit.