Black Bear Hunting Photos & Stories

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2012 Griz Hunt


As we were sitting on the rock Brent said that there is a chocolate colored bear on the hill.  I looked through my binoculars and watched as he walked out of the brush and into the meadow and then he turned sideways.  “That’s a grizzly” I said as Brent was getting the spotting scope out of his pack.  That was on day eight of my 10 day grizzly hunt.

Spring New Brunswick Black Bear Hunt
Adam Bennett

I've always loved bear hunting over any other game. Not to sure why it's been my fascination since I started hunting as a young boy, it must be in my blood. While living in New Brunswick I downed two nice black bears, one in the fall and one in the spring. Both journeys taught me a lot about the beasts and about hunting in general, I learned a lot walking the trails alone. 

Colorado 21 1/4" Green Skull Bear
Mark Taylor

WOW... Thats a big bear!!! Thats what I hear from almost everyone who looks at this bear...

With a green skull measurement of 21 1/4, this bear should make Boone and Crockett record books after the 60 day waiting period with no problem. 20" is the minimum score needed.

2000 Bear Hunt

My brothers and I had long discussed doing a bear hunt with Dad. With my return to my home state it was time for acting upon those discussions. In March of 1999 my brothers and I attended a Cleveland Sport and Outdoor show at the convention center. The time with my brothers walking around the show is a memory in itself but that story will not be told here. We stopped at many of the bear hunting booths that day and gathered a great amount of information and specific details on bear hunts – several guided western US hunts and those offered in Canada.

Big Manitoba Bear Down
Chris Murphy

I had the most crazy and amazing hunt of my life! I have hunted bears for years and finally got a color phase bear, but not without a few hurdles. I traveled from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Thompson, Manitoba an 8 hour drive and stayed at my friend's place Trapper Mikes Outfitting.

Maine Bear

I remember well the year we had made plan's on going back to Maine on a black bear hunt. My wife didn't have an interest in bear hunting but agreed to tag along and video tape the hunt to go with the story. I had contacted my friend Mark and plans were made for the hunt. I didn't have to travel to Maine to get a black bear but listening to all the stories of what it was like to hunt in Maine for them and after being there with my wife for her first buck i just had to go try it. On this trip i elected to use my Remington 50 caliber black powder rifle.

14 Year Old's Spring Black Bear Hunt

On a Saturday Morning at my first SCI Convention, I found myself as one of maybe the first 50 to 75 people rolling in after a long night in Reno.  One of the first donation hunts up for auction was a Spring Spot and Stalk Black Bear Hunt in British Columbia.  I was not there for this hunt, but it was such an incredible deal that I had to grab it.  It seemed like a perfect opportunity to spend time with my 14 year old son in the middle of nowhere and get him a shot at a Big Game Animal after years of being at my side on Deer Hunts.

Daughter's First Big Game Hunt - Idaho Black Bear

Hunting with Flying B Ranch in Kamiah, Idaho, my daughter was able to harvest her first big game animal, Black Bear.  She fought terrible wet weather and managed to fight through until she got her Bear on the last day of the hunt. Tim Abell with ESPN Outdoors was there filming an injured veteran on a hunt and this little girl was able to stick it out with the pros. She used her Remington Model 700, .270 with a Zeiss Scope that only her hands were used to sight in every click. This truly was her hunt with her gun.

One Hair Raising Incident
Quinton Hill

This actually started two years before the hair raising incident during the 2003 archery season. A friend of the family, Mr. Wilson, came into our camp to notify us that he had wounded a young bear swimming in a pond about one mile away from our camp. Knowing that we always had the kids with us hunting (my kids were 3, 2 at the time) he wanted us to know.

Barr's Bear
Ed T.

I left from just outside Nashville on Friday morning and my Buddy Barr left from just outside Philadelphia on Saturday at noontime. We met in Connecticut on Saturday afternoon and then enjoyed a nice dinner and evening of shooting the bull at my friend Gary's house. Gary's 12-year-old son, Travis, was excited to hear our plans for our Maine bear hunt, which was set to start on Monday.