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The "Long" Ranger's Nephew's Horse

Sorry for the "Christmas Story" plug in the title but I just saw the movie for the millionth time and it is seared into my brain.

Take the Kids Along

I do not have kids yet (thank God!), but when I do, I am going to struggle with not being able to take them hunting until they meet that magic age and maturity level. It is going to be hard to not take them out right off the bat and throw them into the mix. I am already struggling with not being able to take my niece and nephew out. My niece is getting close though and therefore I can not wait to get her out to accompany me for her first hunt.

Little Bro Gets a Bull
After my little brother got his first big game animal, a great-eating mule deer doe, he went into a big game hunting slump. Despite his serious, distance covering efforts, he went three years without putting an animal on the ground. He had begun to get very discouraged over the situation. He wondered if he was destined to never take an elk; or any other big game animal for that matter. I would remind him that hunting is about the pursuit and not the kill but this is not the advice that a very young hunter wants to hear.
Blackpowder Rifles and 3X3s

I had rifle hunted. I had bowhunted. But it wasn't until last year that I walked through the woods with a muzzleloader in my hands. I knew I liked shooting blackpowder rifles but I had no idea that I was going to get sucked into hunting with a muzzleloader like I did. It is a very neat type of hunt. You have to mix your techniques. It is like 50/50 split between bow and rifle hunting. You can still take moving shots and your range is doubled over that of archery equipment but you are using an unscoped rifle with only one shot.

The Devil Tine Bull

There are hardcore trophy hunters that go their whole lives seeking out a certain type of bull elk. These rare bulls have points that sprout vertically off their first brow tines. They are called "devil tine" bulls due to the fact that these tines resemble devil horns. So when my brother-in-law's first bull ended up being adorned with these unique tines, we were shocked. But this wasn't only his first bull, or first elk for that matter. It was his first big game animal period!

Hunting Without One of Your Senses

Dwayne is a superstar. He plays ice hockey for his high school. He is a sponsored snow boarder. He gets good grades and has a cute girlfriend. But Dwayne is deaf. He has not let this drag him down however. On the contrary, he has used his disability as fuel that he uses to excel at everything that he sets his mind to. And so when he let his dad know that he wanted to give big game hunting a try, everyone knew that it wouldn't be long before he was putting meat on the table.

Elk Season Success

Well, the second rifle season didn't start off as expected.  We planned for months and months leading up to this season and thought we had just about every base covered.  I had a lot of help from members on here like GooseHunter Jr and spent hours doing all the research I could.  Our initial game plan was to hunt some BLM land north of Craig for the opener but then get the bright idea to give Routt a try.  As we headed up the mountain we encountered what was left of some earlier snow but had high hopes for decent weather.

Humans Aren't the Only Animals That Like Turkey

Turkey hunters have their fair share of things going against them. It is hard enough to just find a place where you can chase these gigantic thunder chickens; especially out here in Colorado where birds like to stay on or as close to private land as possible. Turkeys have eyesight that is second to none adding to the difficulty of taking a mature longbeard. Thier hearing is good as well and if a hunter shifts his weight inadvertantly, a pesky pine cone can end his dreams of fried turkey breasts.

Why Do I Even Bother?

I take pride in having a good working knowledge of the area of Colorado that my group has hunted during 2nd and 3rd rifle season for the last few years. I've put in my time at the computer, over maps and on the ground and have learned the lay of the land. Normally members of the group approach me to get ideas of where they should go to get an animal. Where I send them depends on what tags they have, what season it is, what the weather is doing, hunter pressure and what the animals are doing at that particular time.

My First Mule Deer

A little background information about me for effect.

After several years in the Navy, drinking and partying seemed to be the only way I had found to occupy my spare time. My buddies and I would get off work, shower and eat dinner and then head straight to the nearest watering hole until closing time.