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Renewed Love
Marty Sup

I am a diehard big game hunter and about 8 years ago I took up goose hunting as a way to extend my time afield.  About 3 years ago I got really burned out on goose hunting.  We were hunitng 4 days a week and all that decoy setting and picking up was just getting old.  I was on the verge of sellling all my goose decoys and other such gear to go along with it.  That all came to a screeching stop at the end of last season.  I had been taking my then 4 year (Dylan) out with me a few times during the season as weather permitted.

Oh What a Day
Brent Cherry

I think we've all had those days when we wake up and think today something special is going to happen. Well let me tell you sometimes special is a little more than we bargain for. Another couple hours with my face pressed into my pillow in the bunk house would have done a lot more for my longevity than what this day had in store for me.  Anyone who has hunted elk in the peak of the rut can understand what I mean, for those of you who haven't let me try to sum it up in a couple of words.

The Eagle Has Landed
Brent Cherry

"You hear that?" I said as I broke into some sort of twisted Irish jig. The pearly whites of my two hunting partners shining back at me told me they had indeed heard it. A bull announced it's presence. Their smiles faded a bit when they realized it was straight up the mountain we had just come down. Hunting in the thin Colorado air at ten thousand feet can make a man think twice about scrambling back up what had just taken a good portion of the afternoon  to get down, but a bugling bull seems to summon strength you didn't know you had.

A Whopper of a Packout

The worst pack out I have dealt with was a real doozy! First of all, I was helping pack a wapiti; and a bull at that. It was at night and in uncharted territory to beat. It was the only year that we had hunted this unfamiliar game management unit and things were not going to be easy in any way. The hunter, who has since not been invited to hunt with us again, did not have game bags, a knife, a flashlight, a packframe or any idea of how to navigate the area that he had killed the animal in.

2010 Colorado Muzzleloader Success

When you work in wildlife management, your personal hunting takes quite the hit. That is what I've found after I took my current job in August. When hunting season rolls around, and hunters from around the country are stalking bucks, climbing into tree stands and bugling for big bulls, workers in wildlife management are busier than ever. I ended up having to turn in my archery elk tag because I just wasn't going to be able to get time off to hunt.

Colorado Goose Hunting Fun
Marty Sup

Do not see a lot of waterfowl stories on here so I thought I would post up one from a great hunt we had in 2008.

No Fly Zone
Arrow Hunter

I lived in Pueblo Colorado during most of 1997.  At the time, I was working for Peak Aviation, at the airport in Pueblo, refueling airplanes.  One morning, I was a bit early arriving to work.  I was the first person there so I just relaxed in my car.  It was light outside, but the sun had not risen yet. 

One Tough Hunt
Marty Sup

My 2006 elk season did not start out all that well. I had a second season cow elk hunt planned but my plans were changed for me, but as luck would have it I had picked up a late season leftover tag for an area close to home. With a winter for the record books with all the snow we had I figured this would be a great, but tough hunt. The elk would be low on the public ground but there would be a lot of snow to deal with.

The Redemption Bull

Archery season was over and now it was time to focus on rifle season back in our normal stomping grounds; although it was hard to not think about the giant deer that had gotten away earlier that August. There was a lot of pressure to put some animals on the ground since our group had gotten skunked the year prior due to a massive blizzard. Our area delivered once again and our faith in the unit was renewed. One very special thing about that year was that it was my best friend Justin’s first year hunting and we would yet again get to baptize another person into the hunting family.

The One That Got Away

After a difficult and humbling year in 2006, I was looking forward to a fun and successful year in 2007. My brother and I would try archery once again but in a different unit. Archery season was going to be a fun one this year. It was close to home and in a familiar area. Also we would get to archery hunt with one of our brother-in-laws for the first time. My sister and bro-in-law had started building a cabin in the area and whenever there wasn’t a chore for me to do around the property I would head out to scout for mule deer.