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Colorado Hunting Rookie

I had just moved to Colorado in the summer of 1999. I had never even dreamed of hunting the Colorado mountains as a Utah resident but it made the move easier to handle. I didn't get to hunt that first year in Colorado but I did get to hunt with my Utah resident tag. What made this hunt special to me was it would be the last time for quite a while that my entire family would hunt together in Utah. Mom and Dad had moved to Idaho so only my brother could get a resident (cheap) tag. We were pretty excited about making the most of the trip.

Stamina Staggering Pope & Young Pronghorn to Remember
Bob Solimena

Jim said to me, "We ought to get an early start in the morning, that way if the antelope see the truck in the dark they won’t spook very far." Little did I know what would be in store for me the next day.

Quickie Elk Hunt

This is a short story about a cow elk hunt, just a few paragraphs.  This is just a story that proves that not all elk are found 5 miles off of the beaten path and sometimes good fortune smiles on you. 

Putting In The Time
Sean Roush

After a long and not so successful archery season with my little brother, our hope for the upcoming rifle season wasn't so good. We had chased a small herd of elk around but never really got within archery range. If we were on one side of the valley they happened to be on the other. The weather was starting to get colder and the snow picked up as archery season came to a close. I knew we stood a good chance of running into that same herd of elk.

My Daughter's Opening Day Deer

As I am getting ready for this years archery season, I found this story I posted on another site in October 2008. It was my oldest daughters first deer hunt. I had an elk tag and she had a buck tag. I had been in the area she drew her tag for archery season, but I was unable to harvest a deer, but I knew good places to take her for rifle season. Now she's 17, starting college (she graduated high school at 16) and doesn't want to hang out with dear ol' dad as much. She said depending on her class schedule, she may go again this year, but who knows for sure.

1st Mule Deer Buck!
Marty Sup

In 2008 I planned on a 12 day hunting trip for elk and deer.  First would be the elk in first season and then followed by mule deer in second season, without a trip home in between.  Opening day of 1st the 1st season which is elk only here in Colorado.  It was 8am and I had just cleanly missed a cow at 165 yards.  The tree behind her was hurting though.  Needless to say I was deeply discouraged at myself.  I had gotten in a hurry and rushed myself and made a bad shot.

Colorado Elk Hunt on Waugh Mountain
Kevin Taylor
This is the story of my Colorado elk hunt and also in dealing with the game commission in the field. This experience was invaluable to me and I obtained so much, hands on education on elk and their environments. This hunting area is incredible with so much to offer us as hunters. Here is my story...
Northwest Colorado Elk Hunt
Cipriano (Marty) Martinez aka: HeavyC (forum member)
This is a daily journal of my 2009 4th season northwest Colorado elk hunt. Nov 7th: Out of town 1 hr late and ALONE AGAIN! Not too bad all things considering! Usually ~6hr drive to my favorite stomping grounds along the WY border and arrived at 2:45pm to a NEW spot I THOUGHT I would camp at Nope! Still too much snow and all melting making a muddy mess of things! So back DOWN to the normal digs and lower elevations in a rush to get things up before darkness falls!
The Hunt of a Lifetime
Mark D. Jeter
As a Police Officer, planning on attending the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference in Denver, I noted that the First Rifle Season immediately followed the conference. I talked my friend Scott, who would also be attending the conference, into joining me for the hunt of a lifetime.
Colorado Muzzleloader Cow Elk Hunt
Jonathan Koziol
This morning I headed out bright and early to start my 4th season Colorado Cow Elk hunt. I was able to locate a bunch of tracks of deer and elk. Close to 4PM I had gone back to the area after a break and a nap at home and started back up to where I had seen some deer early this morning, along with millions of deer tracks and darn good number of elk tracks.