Colorado Hunting Photos & Stories

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Don’t Sell the Farm in the Rockies
Garry Steiner
At fourteen thousand feet we watched the elk heard move across the meadow and bed down at the edge of a rocky outcropping. After a long and arduous hike we position ourselves above, and a few hundred yards away from the biggest bull elk in the sleeping herd. We waited diligently for two hours. Finally, the bull stood up and turned for a nice broad side shot. The shot rang out in the thin mountain air shattering the silence and scattering the elk herd into the spruce trees.
Jessica's Colorado Cow Elk Hunt
Jessica McKinney
We went hunting this fall for elk and although we had a great time, we came home without fulfilled tags. I had one tag that was good until December 31 so two days after Christmas, Dad took me past Craig, past Maybell, and even past Sunbeam to 6 miles from the Utah border where the Lord saw fit to fulfill a dream. We saw a herd of about 200 and I had never ever seen so many elk!
The Curse of Poncho: Colorado Mule Deer Hunt
Pat Smith
The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town, you remember the lyrics to that old 80's song. Ok, maybe my age is starting to show. Just like every previous Fall, a bachelor group of bucks would show up in the hay fields around the first week of August. They would number anywhere from twelve to twenty-six bucks and range from dink spikers to mature 180+ class big daddy rabbits. We would start patterning them and setting our blinds and stands in anticipation of the archery opener in late August.
From Coyotes to Crows
Heather Moore
After our month long archery season in Oregon ended, my husband and I hadn't gotten enough hunting in. Since I was the only one that got a deer, and he had to wait until late season to try and archery hunt again, we had to find something to fill our time. Our friend had just gotten a new coyote caller, and we thought we would give it a try. We had seen a few coyotes when we were archery hunting and thought the area would be good to try, who knows, maybe we would see that bear we had on our game camera.
Colorado Bear Hunt
Juanice Gray
We'd just about given up hope of seeing any game when, suddenly, a big, black, fierce looking bear came out of the woods. It looked like it was the size of a small elephant to me with shiny black fur and all I could imagine was foot long teeth and claws to match, much like the tiger on Ice Age. Of course, it was an average bear, but never having come into such close contact with one in such a remote place, it really looked menacing. It started to creep across valley through the aspens, weaving in and out and behind brush and among the aspens and spruce trees.
Colorado Bighorn Sheep Hunt
Joe Nelson
Successful September 2003 bighorn sheep hunt by Salida, Colorado.
1890's Colorado Hunting Party
submitted by Tom Klumker
Teddy Roosevelt hunting party near Yampa, Colorado in the late 1890's. Four mule deer hanging in the background, all appear to be 4x4's. Teddy Roosevelt is in the middle of the group. John Franklin Bird is on the front row left. Mr. Bird is the great-grandfather of Tom Klumker who was raised in the Toponas - Yampa, Colorado area.
Mountain Lion Brian
Brian Williams
My mountain lion story began a long time ago when I was just a boy. I grew up in southern Oklahoma where I hunted coon, bobcats, squirrel, and rabbits with my dad, David K. Williams, our close friend "Cotton" Russell, and my uncle Mark Gillham, who were all hound men. I was fascinated with hounds.
Colorado Antelope Hunt
Darren Brown
I took this antelope during the 2002 rifle season in GMU 211 which is in northwest Colorado north of Meeker. My hunting partner, Joe Gutierrez, is pictured on the left.