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Thanksgiving 2011 Hunt

During these times of holiday festivities hunting can sometimes be a family affair or it can be put to the wayside for the time being.

Thanksgiving 2011 was a fairly uneventful day for us. My spouse and I decided that since it was a day off for me, and her as well, that we would go out and do a few things that we both like to do. I wouldn’t get to hunt as hard as I like but I would have good company, my wife and two dogs. I would also get to do some four wheel driving which gives me the perfect excuse to test my new tires.

One Free Weekend

This May, I was presented with an unusual opportunity. At least, unusual for me. My wife's sister was getting married, and my wife was headed home for the week and she was taking our son! It was going to be like being a bachelor again.

Calling My First Coyote

Despite growing up on a farm in rural northeast Colorado in a family full of avid hunters, I never really got into coyote hunting. Peak coyote season coincided with basketball season. In high school, I played basketball, which meant that I went to school right as the sun was coming up and never got home till the sun was down. We typically had games on both Friday and Saturday night. Sunday meant it was time to recover, get some homework done, and get ready for the upcoming week.

My First Coyote
Mike Skelly

In 2007 I had my first western hunt in eastern Washington state.  While hunting mule deer (see the story “Ultimate Muley”) I experienced the wide open spaces of the western sage country.  Glassing over miles of terrain was an entirely new way of hunting for me.  It was also my first experience with seeing and learning the habits of the elusive coyote.

Surprise Hunt

My neighbor, Lonnie and I, went out for a coyote hunt this morning just north of our houses and had a great day.  We saw a total of nine coyotes, but couldn't call them in close enough for a shot, but what a day it was! 

Crazy Coyote
Scott Scherer

It was another day at the Taxidermist when my helper Curtis and I were doing some deer heads. As we were doing deer heads Curtis asked me about coyote hunting. I told him when it all works out it has got to be the funniest animal to hunt. In Kansas we can hunt coyote all year long so when we get bored we grab a bow or rifle and head to the woods looking for the great song dogs. Curtis was getting pretty excited hearing some of my stories of hunting the old dogs. Next thing you know I decided to shut down the shop and take Curtis hunting.

First Coyote
Scott Scherer

A while back I told you how I made my helper (Curtis) a coyote hunting freak. Well here is his first coyote hunt.

Long Range Manitoba Coyote
Brad Duncan
Most days, a typical coyote hunt for me consists of what seems like endless treks through knee-deep snow, and countless stands spent blowing on hand calls of some sort. Coyote hunting for me has always been about trying to entice the weariest of prey to come out and "play," or for a free meal. This story is of a totally different coyote hunting technique that kind of presented itself, I had no part in calling or enticing my prey on this certain morning, although I tried desperately.
Predator Hunting on the Manitoba Prairie
Brad Duncan
As a young lad growing up in any rural area can tell you, predators are a part of life, whether you like it or not. I was introduced to a form of predator control at an early age, my father always used to run a small trap line, nothing special, just a bunch of snares and a few foot traps set out on only the most popularly used predator trails. My old man was always on the lookout for a new spot to set up traps and was usually right on the money when he returned to see if his hunch was correct. His personal best was 8 coyotes and one red fox, which he managed to collect during a 2 - day period about 20 years ago, it seems the tradition is bred into our heritage. This is the story of how my brothers and I tied my dad's personal best.
The Coyote Hunting Addiction
Alex Prock
It could be the plumes of dust kicked up by the combines, the abrupt change in the dominate colors of the landscape, or the appearance of thousands of geese making their yearly migratory journey; whatever triggers it, fall is here! As my mother puts it, "I have been dealing with your father's neck swelling this time of year, for 26 years; and now I have to deal with both of you going into rut!"