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First Cow Elk Hunt - Best Laid Plans For A Bust

Having had what I considered great success at the bull elk hunt this year I figured the cow elk hunt, the original plan for the 2011 elk hunt, would be just as easy.  I could not have been more wrong!  The bull elk hunt was a success or at least easier because I was lucky enough to get a left over bull tag for the 1st rifle season while they were still in rut and even luckier that there were at least two herds of elk in or around the private property we were hunting.  The bull tag was just an “extra” hunt I was able to pull off with the wife.  The cow elk was the real deal, or in this case is still the real deal - luckily.

2011 Colorado Archery Elk
Ryan H

As you all may know hunting (specially bowhunting) isn’t always about harvesting an animal. It’s about the brotherhood of you and your pals out on the hunt, the stories to be made, and most importantly the past time that was passed down to you from generations upon generations of hunters! For me 2011 Archery Elk in Colorado was a different year. It was a year that I no longer had to come home unsuccessful, saying only if this or that would have happened... anyone who has ever hunted elk knows exactly what I mean!

Lessons Learned

This story starts at the end of the 2010 elk hunting season. It was my first year of bow hunting. I went home empty handed but had a few chances at some bulls.  But being new to the whole archery thing I blew a chance and the wind blew a couple more. During the months prior to hunting season I became fascinated with the idea of going on a backcountry hunt. I bought Cameron Hanes’s book Backcountry Bow hunting and read it front to back 3 or 4 times. I already had the season planned out so my back country adventure would have to wait.

Hunter XYZ's Elk Hunt

In my last story I had described how I called in a rag 4X4 and my hunting partner, Deb, dropped her first elk and a bull elk at 35 yards out with one shot.  In that same story I had mentioned Hunter XYZ had joined us for this elk hunt.    I am about to describe in detail a hunt completed by a novice big game hunter who I thought had some big game hunting background… only to find out he did not.  The escapade… I mean the hunt is about to unfold.

Her First Elk - A Bull Too!

From my bull elk story you are aware that my hunting partner, Deb, showed up Sunday afternoon just in time to help me haul out my 4X4.  My tag was filled but we still had three days to fill her bull tag.  Since the national forest appeared to be a bust as I had not seen or heard anything from Thursday evening till Sunday late morning the plan was to go back to the private property at the very start of the morning. 

My First Elk - A BULL!

I had spent the last three years as a new Colorado resident without a big game animal harvested even though I had an extensive and successful Eastern hunting background.  It was time to put my pride aside and delve deeply into western hunting do’s and don’ts to find out what it required in order to increase my odds of bringing home meat for the freezer.  I really had to find out what I was doing wrong and correct it as I also took on the responsibility of bringing a “newby” into the fine sport of big game hunting.  I couldn’t allow them to fail.  The pressure was on.

A Very Unglamorous First Elk

Imagine--it is a beautiful fall day with the aspen changing, the sun just coming up over the horizon and a gentle breeze is blowing with just a hint of fall crispness.  You are standing at the edge of a clearing and you spot a monster bull just exiting the trees. You steady yourself against a rock, the crosshairs resting just behind his shoulder. You slowly squeeze the trigger and he drops in his tracks. Well--this is how I imagined my first elk but as pretty much everyone reading this story knows events like this rarely exist. My first elk was pretty much the opposite.

Redemption Hunt 2009

I had been muzzleloading for several years in North central and Northwest Colorado for several years with reasonable success, averaging a harvest every other year or so.  The hunting was fun and the time of year was hard to beat.  If I had to choose hunting weather, I’d choose beautiful sunshine and high’s in the 50s and 60s for sure.  Many other hunters would opt for the colder weather, but I prefer the early seasons.  The other major bonus to the early seasons is the elk rut. 

My Hunting Heritage

I’ve lived in Colorado now since April of 2007.  When the wife and I first moved here I only had six very short months to learn the draw system, determine a place to hunt, complete my Colorado hunter education certification, and set up time off from work. It was my work that brought us here to Colorado in the first place. I was an operations manager and had outstanding experience and expertise in fixing broken management and their operations.

Finally... I Got an Elk!

After a number of years of living in Colorado and buying an elk license with no success in killing one and rarely even seeing them while hunting I decided it was time for a new plan. I had never even held a cow tag as up till that point I had not yet read or learned about the application process. I started reading more magazines and the big game guide put out by the DOW.