First Time Deer Hunt in Saskatchewan

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It was the morning of Nov 24, 2007. Having discussed the night before that Coralee would have first shooting rights if we saw anything we liked, we set out for what would be one exciting morning that would carry out to the day I'm writing this. As we set out in the morning there was a light fog hovering in the air. We went out to one of my favorite spots north of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. As we were traveling down a grid road heading south bound Coralee noticed a large herd of whitetail deer feeding in the field to the west of us. With a closer look we noticed 1 buck standing with approximately 15 does. The only problem was they were on "hunting with permission only" land, which ended up not being a problem at all.

We turned around and pulled into the closest farmers yard who happened to be the owner and we were granted permission to hunt his land. As we pulled into the field the deer had moved further to the west and were situated at the bottom of a valley. As we topped over the hill we were about 200 yards away and had a nice broad side shot.

Remember I was giving Coralee first rights and I never brought my rifle with me. As she ripped off the first shot the deer jumped and turn the other way as if she had missed and the deer was trying to figure out where we were. Standing broad side pointing in the other direction Coralee squeezed the trigger again and the deer started right towards us and then tried to jump a fence but was only able to manage to roll over top of the fence and that's when I knew that he had been hit.

We headed back to the truck for coffee and breakfast giving the deer time to lay down and bleed out. After about forty min and a whole lot of listening to, lets go get him, we set out to find Coralee's first taken deer. About 100 yards into the bush we came upon her braggin rights deer. Six months later and after been mounted her buck scored 157 net typical and 168 gross non-typical. Had to be the most exciting moment for me to see my wife take such a nice deer on her very first hunt.


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good job, thanks for sharing.

good job, thanks for sharing. congrats

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Awesome buck!!!!! Great

Awesome buck!!!!! Great story. I wish it was that easy getting permission down here in the states.