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Maine Bear

I remember well the year we had made plan's on going back to Maine on a black bear hunt. My wife didn't have an interest in bear hunting but agreed to tag along and video tape the hunt to go with the story. I had contacted my friend Mark and plans were made for the hunt. I didn't have to travel to Maine to get a black bear but listening to all the stories of what it was like to hunt in Maine for them and after being there with my wife for her first buck i just had to go try it. On this trip i elected to use my Remington 50 caliber black powder rifle.

Barr's Bear
Ed T.

I left from just outside Nashville on Friday morning and my Buddy Barr left from just outside Philadelphia on Saturday at noontime. We met in Connecticut on Saturday afternoon and then enjoyed a nice dinner and evening of shooting the bull at my friend Gary's house. Gary's 12-year-old son, Travis, was excited to hear our plans for our Maine bear hunt, which was set to start on Monday.

Maine Memories
Ed T.

As with the night before any opener we were all pumped up and anxious for tomorrow to come. We'd all made the long drive to Maine for our much anticipated deer hunt together. I drove up by myself from Maryland where I was stationed at the time and my Dad and his Buddy Skippy had driven up together after meeting in Connecticut. I'd gotten a day of scouting in, but they would be hunting without having done any, just arriving that evening as they had.

Learning Patience
Mike Skelly

This story is for anyone who closed the season empty handed. You are not alone, but it is said that good things come to those who wait.

Learning to Hunt Bear
Mike Skelly

Anticipation alone was nearly worth the price of the hunt. It was my first guided hunt, my first try at game larger than white tail deer, and the first time I had traveled more than a few hours from home in the hope of bringing home a trophy. I was a relatively new hunter, having taken to the woods for the first time only ten years before. The past five years had been a pleasant experience of filling four out of five possible tags, so I felt I was ready to step up to bear hunting.

Hunting with Dad
Ed T.

I suppose it all started when I was about 10 years old and became absolutely enthralled with all the stories in the hunting magazines my uncles (actually my Dad's uncles) gave me. I poured for hours over all the Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, and Field and Stream magazines I could get my hands on. I would even purchase or grab any unwanted older issues, even several years old, to read.

What Makes a Successful Hunt?
Ed T.

What makes a hunt a successful one? Do you have to harvest to make it a memorable one? Do you have to travel far from home to make any hunt a special one? Or does seeing someone within your party experience something special mean enough to call a hunt a resounding success!!? Well, I will have to say that I want to be successful (harvest an animal) as much as the next fella, but I've come to realize that success in hunting is not only judged by adding another head on the wall.

The Christmas Tree Buck: Saga of the Gun Continues

As told in another story, my grandfather always hunted with a side by side 12 gauge that he got in Europe in the 40’s, and would keep one side filled with buckshot, and the other with birdshot.  In his eyes, a dead partridge was more likely than a dead deer on any given trip.

The Before and After Buck

Well, in northeastern Maine, it’s been tough in recent years (decades).  The deer population had plummeted, and just seeing a deer is a good thing.  The days of doe permits are long gone, and any buck seen is a trophy.  That is the attitude that most hunters there take, including myself and my Uncle.  He has hunted the woods of northeastern Maine for his entire life, pushing close to half a century.  He has taken a 252 lb 8 point, and a few other really nice deer.  But for him, it’s about food and family. 

Maine Soldier's Dreams Come True in Ohio
Ohio Bowhunter

An American soldier from Maine catches his dream in Ohio after returning home from two tours in Iraq, after many stop loss orders later.