Montana Hunting Photos & Stories

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For nearly twenty years I have dreamed of hunting the American icon, the symbol found on the old “buffalo” nickel.  Finally, this summer I heard of a hunt on a Tribal Reservation in Montana and hit the phone a’runnin.  Michael Fox, fish and wildlife director for the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, informed me that there were two remaining hunts for 4 to 6 year old bulls this fall.  I called Gale Palmer, my long-time hunting partner, to let him know what I’d found.  He said he needed time to check his finances and think it over….

A Buffalo Cow for Meat

In 2000, my longtime hunting friend and partner, Gale Palmer and I did a buffalo hunt on the Bellknap Indian Reservation in North-central Montana.  On that hunt, we both harvested nice bulls and did our best to transpose ourselves back a hundred years in time.  The meat was fantastic but like all good things, it too came to an end. Since Gale likes to live on wild meat, he decided to return to Montana for a "meat" hunt. Please understand that the word "hunt" becomes a bit suspect here, but he did his best to create a hunting atmosphere on this outing.

Our 2006 Trip to Montana
William Hays

Our trip started with three of us, Chris, my hunting partner, Mike, my brother and I applying for deer tags for the 2006 Montana general deer season.  It was a long wait, but, finally, when we checked the computer it said successful.  We all drew a general deer tag (buck or doe) and a whitetail doe tag.  We were going to Montana. 

Aquatic Tactics for Spring Time Gobblers
Pete Muennich
Spring time can be a very frustrating time for a college student in Bozeman Montana. Choosing between fishing, hunting, hiking, and spring time skiing can be a really difficult decision. This weekend I opted to head east to hunt down some Merriam turkeys. I had recently gotten private property permission from a friend at school to hunt his family ranch along the Yellowstone River. I was accompanied by my two hunting buddies Keith and George.
Don’t Sell the Farm in the Rockies
Garry Steiner
At fourteen thousand feet we watched the elk heard move across the meadow and bed down at the edge of a rocky outcropping. After a long and arduous hike we position ourselves above, and a few hundred yards away from the biggest bull elk in the sleeping herd. We waited diligently for two hours. Finally, the bull stood up and turned for a nice broad side shot. The shot rang out in the thin mountain air shattering the silence and scattering the elk herd into the spruce trees.
Montana Muley Hunt
Pete Muennich
As rifle season came to a close this November in Montana, I began to lose hope of filling my first ever muley tag. Being an Ohio native, this was my first season to ever have an option of shooting a whitetail or mule deer. There was no question; I was going to do everything in my power to add a big bad muley to my score board.
Korean Pheasant Hunt
Elisse & Dan Clark
My husband and I hunted pheasant recently (March 2008) on Jeju Island, in Korea! Dan is US Army Retired, and had told me how he had hunted there when he was stationed in Korea many years ago... back when Jeju (or Cheju as it is sometimes spelled) was basically wilderness... Jeju Island is now a vacation paradise of 5-star resorts, but there is still hunting (even for foreign tourists!) at the Daeyoo Land Hunting Preserve! I was planning our very belated "Honeymoon" in Asia, and I was determined to finally get to go hunting with my husband!
A Bad Night in Yellowstone
Norm 'Leep' Leeper Jr.
It is odd that I would be here, in this hospital bed, writing this story. Odder yet, that I am alive yet to tell it. But if I do not, it won't get told. Camping: it is something I usually enjoy very much, but this night, as many others, I was in enough pain to make it look less than attractive.
The Old Man and the Hound
Norm 'Leep' Leeper Jr.
Jack drove his old jeep down the dirt road carefully. Since no one lived along this road anymore but old Tom, the highway department seldom serviced it. He guessed it didn't really matter much as old Tom didn't drive much anymore. Perhaps once a month when his retirement check came in. Then he would come into town driving that old rickety truck and cash his check, buy some groceries and collect his mail.
From Coyotes to Crows
Heather Moore
After our month long archery season in Oregon ended, my husband and I hadn't gotten enough hunting in. Since I was the only one that got a deer, and he had to wait until late season to try and archery hunt again, we had to find something to fill our time. Our friend had just gotten a new coyote caller, and we thought we would give it a try. We had seen a few coyotes when we were archery hunting and thought the area would be good to try, who knows, maybe we would see that bear we had on our game camera.