Montana Muley Hunt

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As rifle season came to a close this November in Montana, I began to lose hope of filling my first ever muley tag. Being an Ohio native, this was my first season to ever have an option of shooting a whitetail or mule deer. There was no question; I was going to do everything in my power to add a big bad muley to my score board. During the earlier archery season I was heartbroken when I misjudged an exceptional muley and shot right under the beast's belly. Throughout the beginning of rifle season I passed up several whitetails, holding onto my dream of a prized mule deer. When an invitation came my way to hunt some private land near White Sulfur, Montana, I was quick to accept.

Being that it was the end of the second week of November; the odds were in our favor. Immediately after passing over the property line, we began to see muleys. The first group was about a dozen strong with one young yet nice looking five by five. We decided to keep looking even though my standards were exceptionally low for my first mule deer. From our chosen parking spot we spotted dozens and dozens of deer scattered throughout the cullies. We snuck to the top of the highest hill and began to glass. It didn't take long to spot several exceptional bucks chasing does with their heads low to the ground. The rut was upon us. We took off after a large herd about a half mile away. As we crept around the hillside we spooked several deer into a draw at the base of the hill.

There were three bucks that I would have pulled the trigger on. One quickly made his way out of range while the other two went right back to flirting with their girlfriends. As my good friend and guide Kade, informs me to "should shoot the one on the left", I began to get ready for my shot. "He's gotta be right around 200 yards." I held it right in his corner pocket and let the .270 crack. The big boy didn't take one step, dropped him in his tracks. I was out of my mind! Just as pumped if not more than any of my other bow kills I've accomplished. As I hooped and hollered down the hill my dream came real right in front of my eyes. The closer I got, the bigger he got! I had fulfilled a longtime goal. After such an experience, I have already made up my mind to chase the muleys yet again.


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Well, you are a great hunter!

Well, you are a great hunter! Good job! Thanks for sharing your experience!

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That's a great mulie and

That's a great mulie and being your first one makes it even better. I love the way the terrain looks in the background of your photos. I have been thinking of heading to Montana for some time now and seeing some pictures of the hunting there is making it worse.

My intention was to go on an antelope hunt but the more I read about it I'm thinking of making it a combo with deer as well. I'm not sure if they inhabit the same areas at all so will have to do some more research.

Congratulations on making your dream come true and starting the beginning of another one.

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Awesome Muley

That is one nice muley. Here in Kansas we have a few out west but they don't get that big. I live on the east side of Kansas were we have none. Always wanted to hunt one of those big guys.

Great Job

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One heck of a muley,

One heck of a muley, congrats. thanks for sharing

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Very nice buck!!!!! Good

Very nice buck!!!!! Good story.