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East Coasty Hunting Tale
Mike Skelly

In inland Washington they view folks from the coast like we in upstate New York think of folks from New York City.  To be called a "Coasty" is a mild insult meaning that you are somewhat incompetent.  I'm an east coasty.  But I had a great hunting trip in Eastern Washington thanks to Arrowflipper and our mutual friends. 

My Hunting Heritage

I’ve lived in Colorado now since April of 2007.  When the wife and I first moved here I only had six very short months to learn the draw system, determine a place to hunt, complete my Colorado hunter education certification, and set up time off from work. It was my work that brought us here to Colorado in the first place. I was an operations manager and had outstanding experience and expertise in fixing broken management and their operations.

2 Up 2 Points

Shortly after the end of the 1989 season things took a bad turn for the family. My dad who had his own small business fell off of a roof when the ladder collapsed and his back was broken in several places. Although there was no permanent spinal injury it took nearly a year right up until the next hunting season before he was even able to walk very well again. I had originally tried to make plans for a far back hunting adventure in my quest to bag a bigger buck than I had gotten so far but instead decided to hunt very close to the road so my dad would be able to join me.

The End of the 80's

The year was 1989 and as usual I looked forward to the coming hunting seasons with much enthusiasm. I had gotten married in January of the year and had a baby on the way. Money was pretty tight back then and since I couldn't afford a real vacation, hunting on my days off were all I had to look forward to.

The First Hunt - Her First Big Game Hunt

I first moved to Colorado back in Spring of 2007. I was extremely excited about being able to hunt in this great state based on all of the blogs and articles I read about on the big game that is available to hunt here. Coming from Ohio and with a Dad that was an avid hunter, I grew up hunting cottontails and whitetails. One of the cherished memories of my life was my first hunt (and many subsequent hunts) with my Dad. I love those times and try to make it back every hunting season.

Finally Drew First Blood

I was not introduced to big game hunting until adulthood.  When I moved to Colorado about 7 years ago, I opened my eyes to a world of year-round mountain recreation: skiing and snowboarding in the winter, mountaineering and rafting in the spring, camping and mountain biking in the summer.  But when autumn came around, I often found myself sitting in a dimly lit sports bar watching football games--not much different than my previous life in Chicago.  So what do people in Colorado do in the autumn?  I quickly found the answer: we hunt.

Finally a 4 Pointer

After a few years hunting out west in Colorado I was beginning to get a little discouraged with my limited success on bucks. I was happy of course with the three little one I had taken but was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to be able to get a bigger one. It seemed I was always seeing great ones in the back of other guys trucks and while driving around glassing before and after the seasons but I just didn't seem to be able to find one when it mattered the most. After the big one I had missed a couple of years before I had never had another chance to even get a stalk on one.

My First Buck

As luck would have it after my early success with a bow and rifle in Wisconsin my parents decided to move out west. I had dreamed of returning to Montana where I had worked the year before and continue my adventures there but it was not meant to be. The economy was bad in northern Wisconsin in the mid 80's and my dad had been unable to find steady work as carpenter for awhile even going as low as 6.00 an hour. It was tough to do but they put our house up for sale and hit the road to Arizona with what little money they had left and no job at the other end.

The One That THOUGHT He Got Away
Quinton Hill

This was a great third season Colorado muley hunt for me. It started three days before the season started when a new guy at work started talking about maybe getting an OTC elk tag, but did not know any of the country around here. As we talked I felt he was a pretty good guy and I was not going to be hunting in my usual hunting spot, due to the deer tag I drew, and asked if he would like to go up with me. Of course he said yes!

Steve's First Mule Deer
Jerry Beach

It was the first year that Steve had ventured out to central Wyoming to hunt mule deer. He had gone at the invitation of Dale, a fellow worker from General Motors in Flint, Michigan. They headed out from their Great Lakes State home in time to arrive two days before the October 15 opener of the deer season. This gave them the rest of that day to get their trailer camp set up and the next day to do some scouting.